#17&18 Tour Stops

Though a couple sites apparently dropped out of the running, I do have two more loverly blogs for y’all to check out! Thanks so much to them for posting about Silver Hollow and hosting the giveaway. And thanks so much to everyone who has commented and spread the word 😀

The first is at a cute blog called “Bittersweet Enchantment.” It makes me want to eat sweets! And the host is just as lovely as her featured cupcakes. And don’t skip the chance to learn more about how Silver Hollow came to be. This time I divy up info on how the twins and Amie became friends and more on their role in her life. And I also share more about the real life twins who inspired the characters, Faye and Jo. Hope y’all enjoy getting to know a bit more about them 🙂

Next up is Bex ‘n’ Books who often rambles about books, as you will soon learn. She has been kind enough to feature an excerpt from the novel as well as the giveaway. Thanks chica!

See y’all tomorrow at “Readaholic Reviews” and last but not least (drumroll) the designer of the cover’s blog, herself at “Unputownable Books!” 😀Image


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