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How many times have you picked up a book or purchased one online based on the title alone? I have countless times, even if the cover sucks. If it’s intriguing or unique enough, I’ll scroll down and read a bit more. Sometimes it’s just fun to guess the meaning of the title. But here lately, I’ve noticed a very common and highly annoying trend.

This isn’t a rant, just an observation.

Last time I was on Amazon I kept noticing advertisements for books like The Blank or simply Blank (obviously fill in the “blank” with your own imagination-not tryin’ to bash here 😉 and then of course plays on the Wicked Lovely success. There’s a spew of titles that have plays on words. Not saying I don’t enjoy those. I do, in fact. I’m just hoping that we aren’t selling out. Some people may think that to sell a novel you have to follow the bandwagon everyone else is tripping on.

And maybe you should, but then again, maybe you shouldn’t. Try to find your own unique stamp on something. Find a title that’s compelling and represents your book, not just something that sounds cool.

You’ve probably heard or read some variation of this before, but I just had to say it once.

Be original! Which basically means, be yourself! Because you, are uniquely you, different from anyone else out there. Any type of art is a representation of that individual mark you’re making on the world. It’s your little something that’s out there, a part of that humanity tapestry. You may not be perfect, may have some rips and tears along the seams, but you’re a color no one’s seen before.

If you can’t be original with writing, maybe it’s not for you. Try something different! Don’t be afraid to branch out there.

But please, for all our sakes, next time you’re publishing a book, come up with a better title than Unborn, Affected, or Scandalously Lovely lol…

And…not every cover has to have a flower or fruit on it 😉

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