Thanks to Hermione

So I’ve decided to start putting stuff up about Silver Hollow!
Qeya is going up for an R&R this week, of which I’m extremely stoked about. But my main focus lately has been Silver Hollow, my big novel. I’m hoping to publish by November. I would say earlier, but we all know how that went last time lol.

I’ve been working on SH for about a year now and am very anxious to see it at its best 🙂 Hopefully Allison and I can get it in tip top shape in the next couple weeks before it’s final edit. Go Allison! She’s seriously an inspiration, couldn’t have written this without her logical mind! You might say she’s my own personal Hermione lol

Sorry I haven’t posted anything new lately! I’ve been swamped with all sorts of randomness. You ever get to that point where you’re just rushing around trying to get a grip on things? I’ve been in a limbo of sorts with that. As for Silver Hollow, I’ll start posting excerpts and such mainly on my website HERE
But for your viewing pleasure I’m posting the first chapter as a separate page, as well as the first half of ch 1 of Qeya. Enjoy 🙂

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