_____ Mondays!

Here we are! Another week began. But the great thing is we’re already counting down to the weekend. Sometimes I feel like I live my life for the weekends lol. Anyways, since yesterday I did a rather extensive version of this meme, I’m just going to pitch something little that I recently discovered.

Remember, rules for today is you can pitch on anything you want to share, be it your own works, blog or something you just discovered.

Today I’m blogging about this awesome giveaway from Mostly YA Book Obsessed. She’s got a really neat site you ought to check out. And she’s giving away TWENTY books to one lucky winner. Now if you’re anything like me that’s the equivalent of shoving coffee under the nose of a caffeine addict ;P
I’m obviously joined in because I’m posting about it right now. But I felt it also qualified for today’s new discovery! Enjoy!

Here’s Her Link

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