Teaser Teus…Wed…Thursdays…what?

So I totally lost it this week, I’m thinking. Can’t believe I missed the ball this week. But I’ll blame it on life lol. We’re all allowed to slip up every now and then. 🙂
Anyways, I’m working on a new book currently, so I’ll give you a little teaser from it. It’s called Stay. Here’s the very latest.

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My foot tapped of its own free will, to the music being played by the band on stage. With my eyes shut, I could almost remember the sound of the waves and how they had been our personal chorus. I could almost hear the way his voice sounded as he sang to me. People lived to a different sort of music in my time than they did now. But the emotions hidden beneath those songs remained the same.It left me with an ache I could not appease.

Opening my eye I found my surroundings to be far cruder than my dream-like memories. The area behind the stage curtains was nothing more than a narrow strip, leading down a set of stairs that tapered off into the dressing rooms. I had been waiting here, listening and savoring the hubbub of humanity without the frustration of drinking in their emotions. With Cain so nearby my gift was considerably dulled and I was learning to better control it. If I had known it could be so simple a solution, to turn the switch on and off around this lesser species, I might have broken the rules long ago.

But he wouldn’t have wanted you to know this comfort, would he?

Wrapping my arms over the rich yellow silk dress Mrs. Nguyen had bartered to give back to me, I tried to back into the brick wall at my back. Avoiding bumping into people was nearly impossible, I soon discovered after Cain deposited me here. Music was constantly playing, sometimes loud and brassy, others soft and crooning. Bryan, the host of the evening was occasionally called up to make new announcements.

He was speaking now about the next act in their lineup of entertainment for the evening. “Now I know you’ve all heard this sweet little gem croon the greats. Tonight we’ve got a special treat for you…”

Turning my attention from his words to peek through the curtains, I sought Cain’s frame guarding the entrance. He had been nervous the moment we walked inside earlier, keeping me wrapped tightly against him until we made it backstage. No sooner had he deposited me than my instructions were given. “Stay here, but try not to get too involved. If Bry corners you just remind him he owes me a favor.” And then he was off.

I was good at being invisible, even when slightly perturbed over my beloved’s concerns. When we first set off for the club, Cain had been so excited, telling me more stories of the famous people who had played and sang there in the past. Yet something shifted in his demeanor the moment the club was in sight. A steady trickle of early customers could be seen making their way in. And Cain’s mask was back in place, only this time with the added edge to his every look and word.

What troubles him so? Is it because of Lissa or something deeper?

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