Silver Hollow Tour Stop #3


At our first stop, I shared one of two prologues I was thinking of using to begin Silver Hollow. This second one is from Drustan’s point of view. It was opted out because my friends, Rusty and Amber (based on James and Jo 😉 told me they felt it gave away too much too soon. 

Prologue Test #2


The great house shook at its foundations, trembled against the onslaught of power. He could taste it on the tip of his tongue, their malice and thirst for revenge.

How they had managed to break through Iudicael’s defenses he didn’t know. The answer too he feared would strip him of his resolve to do what needed to be done. And it had to be done, because when the last pillars were left standing it was either going to be him or them.

Iudicael wouldn’t understand, he feared. To him, what Drustan felt must be done would be the greatest of betrayals. His younger brother never could understand his passion for the world outside the Vale. For Iudicael was cut from the same cloth as the great house. Like all their clan, bred to live and to die for the strength of the House and its many secrets.

But the threat to their people wasn’t locked away in the refuge their ancestors had created, nor was it something they could fight from within. It was out there, right now, currently trying to tear his house down.

“Drustan!” His name was followed by the shatter of glass. Something glowed brightly ahead of him, right in the direction the eastern passageway.

(Drustan escapes as the dawn ignites when his strengths are greatest. The sound as he escapes is like a big clash or boom sound and the enemy is thwarted.)

My second little tidbit concerning Drustan, is from Draft One. in the beginning Amie’s flashbacks weren’t of her past repressed memories, but of her friends and family. Here is  the original first flashback, as she sleeps on the train.

“We’d prefer it if you remained indoors tonight Jessamiene…” Her father’s clipped English accent always polished the angrier he was.

She shrugged, totting her ‘saddlebag’ as she’d dubbed her button littered sack. “The twins wanted to see a movie. I’m the only one with a car.”

His eyes were before her then, a muddled green, flecked with amber when incensed. “That is quite enough tart young lady! You will mind your mother’s wishes.”

Amie rolled her eyes, pretended the disappointment in his eyes didn’t bother her. “I don’t see what the big deal is! You and ma are going out with your friends. Why can’t I go with mine?” They were planning on taking her along in the beginning. But she had had enough of awkward society dinners. It was all part of Father’s climb up the social ladder anyhow.

That vein was pulsing on the side of his neck; the one that meant the roof was about to burst and the sky fall to pits. Her mother usually refereed matches this tight. She picked tonight of all nights to play the simpering role of a dutiful wife. Honestly, the expectations her father held for his Midwestern American wife were better catered to a slave market than marriage! His fingers pulled at the waist of his tailored vest…another “uh-oh” sign…

Her phone buzzed. Jo’s name lit up the mini-screen and Amie sighed. “Look, we can argue the merits of the Ten Commandments some more when I get back. Leave the light on for me ma.”

Her mother’s tight lipped smile didn’t reach her eyes. Amie was too young to see the fear behind them.

Father looked ready to physically restrain her. And before he could say another word she slipped out the front door and ran for her old battered Ford Escape instead.

It was the last night Amie had seen her parents alive… 

Hope you’ve enjoyed the latest stop at Wenderdowne! Stay tuned via Twitter for the next update! Happy Thursday everyone!


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