Wenderdowne Tour

No this is not a blog tour in the sense you’re thinking about. Starting this week I’m going to be giving everyone a glimpse behind the scenes into the making of Silver Hollow. Sort of like a movie expose 😉 except with a much smaller audience. 


We’ll be diving into character back stories and all those little goodies that I just didn’t have time to put in the book. A few missing, raw scenes just might pop up out of the woodwork. And questions will be answered if anyone has the inclination to ask! 


There will be posts on each of my online profiles, including FB, Goodreads, Tumblr, my blog and website. Stay tuned in with Twitter to learn where to go next. I’ll be putting bread crumbs in various places. 


Until next time, happy hunting!


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  1. I have a twitter…why do I not have your name so I can follow you??? I have been wondering if you have one since I follow twitterfiction and they have been doing some interesting things for new writers…


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