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  1. Aw y’all are sweet! 🙂 It is a lot of work being Indie, for sure, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Because this way I get to talk to & connect with awesome people like y’all. You can tell her she’s most welcome for the Vale Dictionary. I’m actually working on the second edition, where the dictionary and cast of characters will be posted at the FRONT of the novel, lol. Hopefully it will help people to be less poshumiked 😉 Oh and out of curiosity, is she Team Emrys or Team Dearg?
    Can’t wait to send y’all your swag! 😀


  2. I just wanted to let you know that I am a newbie book review blogger. My site is Mommasez… (ccclubbs.com). I enter giveaways to win the books to review because my income is TINY, lol. Anyhoo, my 15 year old daughter loves opening the packages when my books arrive although she usually turns her nose up at them. However, when she saw Silver Hollow, she instantly grabbed it and has been reading it this week. I probably will never see it again!! Thanks for writing a book that my teen enjoys:)))

    Cindi Clubbs


    1. Cindi, thank you so much for sharing your story! I have a niece who is fifteen as well and just as book obsessed as the rest of us! I love that she snatched SH up so quickly and I hope y’all both enjoy the adventure 🙂 Also, if you’d like, I’d love to send y’all some swag to go with the book. Not sure which giveaway you entered. A couple of them I was able to sneak some swag inside the books 😉 But I’d love for your daughter to have some goodies! Your comment warmed my heart and reminded me why I love writing so much.

      Jenn 🙂


      1. Well, we love you writing too Jennifer!! I know it’s hard work for authors to promote and get people to read their books and it probably takes a lot of strength to get through reviews and comments and such. So I really appreciate everything you do. Also, my daughter is sitting next to me and said to tell you thank you for the british dictionary (?) in the back of the book. I don’t know what she’s talking about since she won’t surrender the book til she’s done;) She says swag is awesome!! My email is cc_clubbs at yahoo dot com. If you want to email me, I can give you our address. THANK YOU for all you do!!!!


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