Tours & Revisions Galore!

Just a little quick updates/drabble 🙂

Tomorrow I’m hosting good friend and fellow authoress, Melissa Wright on my book blog- SilverWoodSketches for her Bound by Prophecy tour! ImageY’all deff need to check this book out because it’s more than awesome. I’ve read it almost twice now and just like the Frey saga, it swallows you whole until you’re done, anxious for the sequel. 

Yesterday I got the final revisions of the new Silver Hollow edition back from my editor, RJ! I was so excited about it, especially because now I can go ahead and publish the e-version. If you already purchased a copy, it will update itself, or you can get on “Manage Your Kindle” in your accounts dropbox. And when you look up SH, it will give you the option to update 🙂

ImageAlso on the to-do board is the print version of Stay. It’s taken me longer than it should have, but I’m nearly done with print revisions and I’ll be publishing that also this month. So get ready! So excited to share it with a broader print friendly audience. 🙂 And I’ll be sure to do some giveaways as well 😉

As for my current big project, Vynasha, I’m working hard to revise the second draft and it’s coming along well! It’s just hard sometimes to write slowly and well instead of speeding through things like I’m tempted to do. ImageThat’s why I liked the quote I posted last, so much. It is true, and I hope someday to write well and quickly. But it’s always good to strive for excellence. 

Thanks so much to all of you who have supported me, either from hosting or friending and following, but also for your kind words. It means so much more than you know. 🙂

Have a great week!

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