Tuesday Teaser: Vynasha

Another week, another teaser! It’s good for me to post these snippets really because it keeps me on the ball. Thanks to all of you for reading this, for supporting me just by popping by 🙂


“Beauty, I see you are wearing my gift,” the Prince growled out in a surprisingly soft voice and stretched out his hand towards her.

She slipped her black gloved hand in his without question, though she very much wanted to know why the Prince came to her today. She was always brought to him in the great hall where they had dined nigh every night since her imprisonment. It was doubtful that the he occupied all of his time with books, though at times he seemed to carry the knowledge of the earth with him. He mentioned having trouble with ruffians at his borders and for the first time, she wondered if they were her enemies. Perhaps, once Grendall helped her escape, they would be willing to help her.

Wyvar and Lyttia and Myrel’s faces passed over her mind’s eye, accompanied by a twinge of guilt in her gut. Was she selfish enough to trade the lives of people who weren’t even solid, living beings for her freedom? Surely all they wanted was gold the Prince kept hidden away in this castle, she tried to tell herself.

“Something troubles you, Beauty,” the Prince said as he pushed aside the metal guard waiting past the door. A hedged tunnel, covered with twisting cords of dead vines and thorns carried the pathway further outside the castle.

“I am only weary, I suppose.” Vynasha tried to peer through the cracks for a glimpse of true sunlight. It had been so long since she had felt it directly on her skin and she longed for the days she worked in Wynyth’s rose garden. She clung to the thick, fur-lined cloak keeping her warm against the sharp chill that had washed over them.

“Were you so worried over my wellbeing, then?” He asked with a low rumble that served for a semblance of laughter. Truthfully she had not thought of him much at all the previous night. After his very direct proposal, she had only been able to see the renewed urgency of her escape, of finding her way to Ceddrych.

“I am grateful to not be alone,” she replied honestly. His chuckle made her shiver from her fingertips clasped to his coated arm, up through the fabric of her glove and into her skin.

“This castle can feel like a prison.” He fell silent after this and she froze when the gate opened at last and brilliant white sunlight awaited them, until he added soothingly, “You are safe, I assure you, Beauty. Trust me.”

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