Cover Reveal for Vynasha

This is actually the second of Najla Qamber Designs’ covers for my upcoming epic fantasy series, Wylder Tales. The key image was used with permission, from Keypers Cove:

To learn more about my fantabulous designer, check out her website here:

Vynasha.v2-New Key.v6



“I am the monster that lurks in the shadows and fears the spark of flames.”

Vynasha has lived alone in her cottage near the forbidden forest for nearly a decade. Her skin is scarred from the fire that took her loved ones and the village children call her a witch. With no family left alive and no hope for a brighter future, she tends her mother’s rose garden and trades beauty for goods she passes on to the poor.

All she has left are her promises and memories of the family that left her behind. Ceddrych was the sort of brother she could always count on to be there and to share in dreams of adventure. What she wasn’t counting on was their small mountain kingdom to enter a war from which he would never return.

Until a strange beggar appears on the road to Whistleande, telling her Ceddrych is alive. With nothing left to live for, Vynasha braves the forbidden forest and enters the path into the Wylder Mountains to seek out her brother and her fate.

A lost kingdom is uncovered by an equally lost woman, but the castle is not abandoned as she believes. Shadows cloaking unseen eyes watch. Tapestries whisper from the hidden corners, wondering if the one to break their curse has come. And a hungry beast waits, ready to devour her soul.

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