Laid to Rest

lt Francis
Today we laid to rest my grandma, Lt. Francis, my birthday mate. I’ll miss her always.



What you meant to me


You always believed the best in me, even when I only saw the worst in myself.

You have always encouraged us to strive higher, to believe truer, to stand firmer.

You showered me with kisses during times of secret pain.

You gave and always give of yourself and I have never, can never give enough back.

Because you were beautiful in your unconditional love for me,

in your forgiveness of others,

in sharing your love to live.

Because you delighted in me with constant joy

with singing silly songs

with carrying us along

With you through your stories

And the courage they invoke

To the deepest dreams of my heart, so often I have not spoke

To tell you what you meant to me.

No wrappings or trinkets or ribbons could measure,

Could ever tell you enough.

That you never allowed me complacency, you made me strive so close

To never ever give up,

To love God, love life, love

Love! Oh Grandma, I can never tell you enough

How each hug and kiss has soothed me, when everything else is changed.

You were constant and remain,

My inspiration,

My joy,

My love

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