Whilst I am almost done revising Vynasha, I thought I’d share a sneak peak of a little YA side project of mine. I only work on it in spurts so you won’t hear much of it for a while. But have fun peeping, meantime 😀



Senior year opened up just like every 80’s and 90’s high school movie she had scarfed down in Jr. High, except it wasn’t quite so glamorous. The girl’s bathroom smelled like suspicious fluids at the best of times causing her to walk all the way to use the other one by the caf, just to avoid that putrid stench. The cafeteria smelled like generations of mediocre food and oddly enough, moldy books. The library was nice because her father had donated a considerable sum just before she started coming to Gomora High School. She begged him not to, told him she would have to change her name or switch schools, because they would name the library after him and everyone would know she was rich.

He actually laughed when she dared to bare her soul to him. He said it would help their reputation if their family stood for something intellectual, instead of being known as the co-founders of Colorado Springs Brewery.

Not that she had anything against her great-gramps’ penchant for brewsky, but it didn’t make life any easier after everyone found out. She had become the most popular girl in school overnight, when they connected the dots, Sophmore year. After carefully avoiding her last name and the school’s library in favor of the town’s potentially hazardous public library, it had only taken one person to out the truth. She still lorded it over Kitty, her social butterfly of a best friend, for giving everyone the impression she could get them free beer. But it had bumped her up the social ranks a couple of notches, until she stopped hating Kitty for standing for everything about her world she hated.

Senior guys started inviting her to parties and she enjoyed whatever attention she could get, anything to numb the constant ache, that gaping hole in her chest. She never said it out loud, but she never hesitated to make breakfast in the mornings as a silent thanks to her dad for initiating her mess of a high school life. The point was, it was her mess and as long as it was hers, she felt safe, in control.

So the first month of senior year started like any other, only without the oppressive weight of state testing, like last year. Instead, the school tried scaring the crap out of them about the future. Everywhere they went, every class a teacher posed the same stupid questions.

Joon didn’t know what she was going to do after high school. She hadn’t thought that far ahead and quite honestly could care less. She was never smart, like her saner best friend, Waddy. Much like Watts, from Some Kind of Wonderful, Waddy was always yacking about the future and preaching against the stupidity of the teenage masses.

Short for Waddington Woods, Waddy had pretty much declared war against society since they were kids. She had a going theory it was because his Ivy League parents had named him after some dead French philosopher. He was the only rebel hipster she knew that purposely dressed like a 50’s greaser, for the same reason he smoked pipes. Because all their other friends smoked cigarettes and he played in a soft core metal band, while working on his college credits on the side. Just because he could.

She wished she had the same zing Wadds did, or even Kitty with her Madonna inspired retro style and dreams of fashion designer school. At least her only true friends stood for something. Joon was known as the heir to the Colorado Springs Brewsky fortune, daughter of the guy they named the new library after. She was just a name and it had never occurred to her to be bothered by this fact until now.

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