Getting Back in the Habit

Welcome back peeps! I am returning from what has nearly turned into a month long online “sabbatical.” I didn’t start this month out intending to disappear from the online world, and I know some of you do good to post once a month anyway. But I had finally fallen into a steady groove of posts and updates the months preceding this one.

A few factors attributed to my  absence. First and foremost was family. I know that a lot about our culture pushes career and ambition ahead of everything else, but that may be the reason for so many broken families. Losing my Grandma, the “matriarch” of our family was really hard. We miss her a lot but at the same time, losing her reminded me about things I had been neglecting. Namely the fact that family should come above all things.

So I’ve been making time to hang with my family and friends I had largely ignored in my quest to write-publish-blog-write lol. It is interesting that so much joy has come out of losing someone who long held such an important part of my life. I was told that “sadness is often misinterpreted joy” by someone special and I tend to agree. Sometimes we dwell too much on the sorrow that we forget to celebrate not just the lives of those who’ve gone ahead, but the lives we’re still living in the present.

My editor is nearly finished with Vynasha and as soon as we finish that process, I’ll be taking steps to publishing traditionally. I’ve never tried for traditional, as I’m an “Indie” authoress strictly. But with some encouragement from my editor, I feel like it might be time to take a stab at bringing the Wylder Tales to a broader audience. Stay tuned so learn more about the release and promotional stuff 😀

Also, I’m still reading K.M Weiland’s self-help guide to outlining for writers. Y’all should check it out if you haven’t yet!

In other news, I’m making an attempt at some meaningful brainstorming/outlining on Tamn and other projects. But I’ll be keeping a heavy focus on life outside of my career. And I encourage y’all to take some time today to spend with some of your neglected loved ones. As authors/bloggers/readers we tend to live in our own little make believe worlds. But occasionally, it’s good to leave our hobbit holes in the Shire and venture out into the wild 😉

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