Vynasha Love #2

Tonight I’m working on Vynasha Part Two again. Our main character is about to face down a mob in a particularly dicey scene and can’t wait! This is my first mob scene, if I recall correctly, in all my books. Only this mob uses claws, daggers and teeth instead of pitchforks. Hopefully I can deliver the same degree of tension and ridiculousness to the concept ;p 

I have so many exciting things to share concerning Vynasha, but I’m trying to keep quite. So for now, I’m offering another teaser bit to whet your whistle. I love that phrase. Try and say it twice as fast…

Whet your Whistle

Whet your Whistle

eesh it’s even hard to type fast…

“The thorns pricked her skin and unveiled the violet hued blood beneath her fingertips. She stared in wonder as she touched the white roses with it and the liquid only made them shine like stars.” -Vynasha Part 2



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