Tuesday Teaser

Much to my delight and surprise, I found enough inspiration to work on something I had not thought to revisit again. Read the following teaser and see if you can guess what story it is from. 😉


Several moments after the rough landing, Amie recovered her wits enough to stand. She stared, disbelieving at the increasingly distant train.

“Well,” the Britt began, “that could have been a lot worse.” He came to stand beside her and dusted off the sleeves of his trench coat.

Amie clenched her fists, her wrath growing in spite of all her efforts to reign in. But her eyes took him in, from his messy, upright black hair and his amused expression and she lost it. “Are you crazy!” she screamed and hit his chest with a fist for emphasis. “All my clothes—my manuscript—everything was on that train!”

He tucked his chin and she thought she saw pity in his eyes before he thumbed at the howling train. “Um, yeah, about that…”

An explosion ripped the words from his mouth and roared in her ears. His arms were around her again as the train burst from the tracks. Fire claimed each car as the train combust from within and a shower of debris and black smoke followed.

“Let go of me!” Amie growled past the ringing in her ears as she ran toward the debris. Surely enough clothes were flying through the air. And for a bitter moment, she thought she saw a pair of her colorful Wonder Woman panties waving like a flag on the wind. She buried her face in her hands and hoped her mortification allowed for a quick and sudden death.

“Right, thank Oberon that’s over and done with,” her companion spoke from behind her.

Amie peeked between her fingers and shook her head as the tall Britt surveyed the scattered debris with something akin to amusement. “Is this funny to you?” She rubbed the scar above her chest to soothe its sudden annoying tingle and stepped in front of her rescuer.

He took in her appearance for the first time and a single black brow arched sharply in thought. Yet when he opened his mouth to answer he hesitate and then seemed to think better of speech. He shrugged.

Amie shoved against his shoulders and shouted over his protests. “You have stranded us in the middle of the English countryside and you think it’s no big deal?”

His dark eyes narrowed into furious slits. “What would you have me do, lass? There’s only so much rescuing I can manage. And let’s just say that in your case, it’s a full time job.”

She laughed. “My life was pretty boring before you showed up!”

He rolled his eyes and then popped a perfectly winning grin as he reached over their heads and caught a piece of black lacy fabric in his hand. Somberly, he intoned, “Oh my, I hope this wasn’t the conductor’s.”

“Hey! Those are mine!” Amie hated being embarrassed almost as much as she hated her fair skin for leaving no doubt to her mortification. She jumped to snatch her favorite panties but they only rose higher against the wind, pinched between his fingers like a flag to pole.

His amusement faded however as he froze and turned his ear to the billowing smoke above. Quickly shoving her nightwear into his back pocket, he grabbed her with his opposite hand. “Come along, lass. Those weren’t any ordinary slitherkin.”

Amie stumbled in her effort to look back at the sick and twisted wreckage. And surely enough, she could almost make out half a dozen of the black and gray garbed attackers picking themselves up from the debris. “Slytherin? Isn’t it a little cliché to be a British Harry Potter geek?”

He shook his head and grumbled, “Perhaps you should refrain from speaking such nonsense while we’re being hunted. In fact, why don’t you shut up altogether, savvy?” He jerked her on towards the thick wood bordering the moor in a manner that did not invite protest.

“Where are we going?” she said as they passed underneath the outermost edge of the tree line. Her converse were not built for hiking.

“Away from here.”

“You aren’t taking me out here just so you can kill me, are you?”

“The thought had crossed my mind.”

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser

  1. So glad you have decided to revisit Silver Hollow. I fell in love with the first book and have it downloaded onto my phone kindle app so that I can read it again and again during my lunch breaks


    1. Rebecca, thanks so much for your comment and the encouragement. It makes me want to work more on the story! I love that you have it downloaded on your phone. 🙂 Do you have any swag for the book? I’d love to send you bookmarks if you want!


  2. A SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR AT LEAST A COMPANION????? WHY DON’T I KNOW ABOUT THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????? Love it…sounds great my friend 🙂


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