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I made a promise recently to only post things on this site that are honest. So here goes.

This year has been insane. Any of you who know me well personally can attest to some of the madness that has been my life. Some of it I brought onto myself, like the getting married bit 😉 Still others were out of my control. Like my medical issues the last two months and then more recently my sudden career change. It’s made me feel more than a little like a fish out of water. And also made me deeply regret ever saying, “Gee, hopefully the rest of this year will go smoothly.”

FYI to any of you looking for a silver lining, it’s not always a good idea to expect God to make your life suddenly easier. Because He’s not in the habit of that. Not that it’s outside His control, but there’s this thing called free will and just the way of the world that tends to rule out many outcomes. I will say this much. That through everything, I haven’t felt more loved or looked after than these last three or four months. I’ve been reminded of what’s most important in life.

This year has also taught me that it really is okay to struggle through change. While not always fun. Okay, almost never fun, change isn’t something to fear, rather something to embrace. I was told once by a very old friend of mine that we’re kind of like oak trees. We grow really fast on the outside in sudden spurts. Then we stop growing for a longer time. Even though you can’t see the change happening, we’re growing on the inside to accommodate for the sudden change.

I won’t say that I want things to be easier, or even better the rest of this year. But I do hope that maybe we can take a breath and let our hearts and minds catch up on the inside.

Thanks to all of you who have been so wonderful. And to those of you who have read or plan to read my books! That brings me a different kind of joy, to hear from you and to get to know you. So please don’t be shy. Share your thoughts, opinions and wishes.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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