Approximately one minute ago I finished my revisions and new ending for Vynasha Part One (still working on a better subtitle, lol) There are still edits and last run-through revisions to be made before we publish again of course. I’ll need to have my beta, Allison read through and correct the little things because she knows this story as well as I do. Then it’s off to the editor for one more run-through. But after months of struggling to do this story and our heroine justice, we’re finally there!

This process has taught me so much about storytelling and shaped and focused my writing to a new degree. Vynasha’s story is a much darker fantasy retelling of Beauty and the Beast. You won’t be expecting many of the twists and turns it takes, but hopefully you end up like me, desperate to know what happens next.

Before this revision, I had already written an in-between novella involving a secondary character’s perspective. I was a good quarter of the way through writing the first draft of part two. Now that part one has been tweaked so much, I will also have to tweak things in the companion piece and sequel. But we’re so much closer than before and I’m so happy to finally finish something again.

For those of you who know me personally, you know this year has been a good but tough one for me and my little family. I lost a lot of the will for writing. At the same time there were days when it was like my lifeline, a way to process my grief. To those of you who have passed through the valley with me, bless you! Thank you for being true and being wonderful and simply there.

Stay tuned for more updates on The Wylder Tales and other projects! Have a fantabulous weekend!

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