How’s Life?

Three weeks ago my life was flip-turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute. Just sit right there. I’ll tell you how I became the prince of a town called…ah wait a sec. Let’s rewind and continue after you check out THIS LINK.
Had enough nostalgia? Awesome sauce, let’s continue.
I would love to inform you that I spent much of December in a highly productive marathon of writing.
And yes, while I have finished revisions for Wolfsbane’s Daughter (yay!), I was quite preoccupied with waiting for baby and finally having baby. It began when my doctor told me I could have my baby at any time. We scheduled an inducement date just in case and meanwhile, Doc said to keep an eye on things, watch and wait. Which is easier said than done.
After two weeks of baby silence (he decided to enjoy mommy spa a little longer) I decided to change my attitude. I focused on doing as much housework, a.k.a nesting as possible, worked on Wolfsbane’s Daughter and caught up with online work and media. Which is a very good thing, because since I became a mother every waking thought was consumed with my baby. Being responsible for a tiny human being is daunting, but also exciting and humbling!
Between recovering from surgery and getting used to sleeping only an hour at a time, I’ve been oohing and ahing over my little one and reading books. Last night I worked on a manuscript for the first time since before he was born. Before now I haven’t been able to focus or find inspiration and that’s okay. I read somewhere once that the day to day activities you do are in the real world and part of life, and therefore always take precedence. The manuscript will still be there waiting for you, just like the dishes and the laundry 😉
I hope all of you had a lovely Holiday and welcomed 2016 with fresh resolutions and a spoonful of hope! Remember, don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy the little things. Savor the sweet moments. I know I will!

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