Daily Writing Snippet

Here’s a little progress from today… Since most of my writing time happens while the baby is napping, every little bit counts. The following is another excerpt from Volume 2 of Craving Beauty (title pending). Happy reading!


Ceddrych’s tall shoulders blocked the sunlight and she giggled as she followed him down the slope toward their cave.

“Wait, Ceddrych! Wait for me!” She heard his laughter, watched the sun glint off his shoulder length brown hair. In the sun it shone like the tarnished gold coins Old Ced kept in his pocket. Sometimes he took the coins out to count them in the night before bed. Since mother passed, his counting dragged into the night. But Vynasha didn’t like to think too much about her father, or his plans for the future. She pumped her short legs harder to catch up with Ceddrych’s longer stride.

“Slow down, you’re too fast!” Her breath came in shallow gasps, but Ceddrych did not stop or turn around. He ducked suddenly behind a copse of fir trees. Vynasha opened her mouth to cry for him again when she tripped on a root and fell face first into the autumn leaves.

She groaned as she pushed off the earth and froze at the heaving snarl that sounded ahead of her. She glanced through her tangled hair, unwilling to call for Ceddrych lest the beast be nearby. She dug her fingers into the earth and bit down too hard on her tongue as labored steps accompanied the great beast’s breath. Its shadow filled the space between the trees. Tears leaked from her eyes and stained her filthy cheeks.

“Please…” she whispered. The creature paused and she squeezed her eyes shut as it approached. Its breath was hot against her neck.

stay tuned for more…

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