Scarred Beauty Pre-Order

Hope everyone’s had a lovely weekend!

Just wanted to share a little bit with y’all about the Scarred Beauty pre-order situation. I haven’t had much experience with Amazon pre-order, but decided to give it a shot for my upcoming sequel to Craving Beauty. At first it seemed like a really neat thing, until I read the fine print and realized I couldn’t extend the release date past three months in advance. Which obviously is a problem when my manuscript is still a work in progress and my plan all along was to release December 1st. To top things off, I couldn’t possibly publish a final product sooner because much of my time has been taken up with various personal family situations. Real life trumps writing every time, because even though writing is my passion, family is my life. So today I had to cancel my Amazon pre-order.


For those of you who had already signed up for the pre-order, first of all, thank you! If you want, you can still sign up for pre-order through Smashwords no problem.Click on the cover for that link 🙂

If this doesn’t apply to you but you are wondering where Scarred Beauty went on Amazon, don’t worry! I will still be releasing the final product on December 1st. And seriously, I can’t wait to share this next chapter in Vynasha’s journey. It’s been so much fun to write this book. Some books are like pulling teeth for me, but writing Scarred Beauty has been a joy.

To everyone who has been anticipating this sequel and following the Wylder Tales, thank you for your support! I’ve been working hard with Najla Qamber Designs to develop new swag for the series to be revealed soon. So stay tuned and happy reading!


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