Wylder Tales Continues

The time has almost come my friends. Scarred Beauty, Volume 2 in the Wylder Tales Series will release on December 1st! To celebrate we are having a virtual tour hosted by Prism Book Tours. We will be diving deeper than ever before with this upcoming tour into the world and characters, plus I’m giving away free signed books & swag! Some of you may be newer to the world of Wylder Tales, which is why this month we have been revisiting last year’s book tour for Craving Beauty. The following blog post was first published in Nov 2015 on the fantastic Always Jo Art book blog.

Wylder Tales

You may recognize Wylder Tales in the subtitle of “Craving Beauty, Vol. 1”. You may be wondering just what it means. When I started fleshing out Vynasha’s story I had a broader scope in mind. I didn’t just want a standalone retelling but to make Craving Beauty into a series.
As you may already know, this retelling is a darker take on Beauty & the Beast. I love darker fairy tales. Before Disney went and put faces on all the classics, they were peppered with gruesome curses, evil villains and a fair amount of blood (i.e. Cinderella). So I knew starting out that I wanted to emulate the original stories by peppering my series with plenty of terror, snarling monsters and wicked curses. In volume one, Vynasha and her nephew, Wyll, travel into the forbidden northern Wylder Mountains. No one dares to venture there after too many people go missing. There are rumors about the forests bordering the mountain range and their valley of Whistleande. Some say dark spirits dwell there, and anyone who lives nearby the forest is cursed. After a sickness and a nasty fire afflict Vynasha’s family, the village is quick to judge.
In truth, the Wylder Mountains are filled with a dark enchantment that makes humans naturally mistrusting. Anyone who goes into them will not only face the dangers of getting lost on the ancient trail, but being affected by the “majik” that hovers in the air. There are beasts and men as strong as bests who live among the peaks and a forgotten city that is crumbling to ruin beneath a dark curse. The Wylder Mountains is also where the first three books in this series will take place.
Craving Beauty is the first book in a three part series. The next, Wolfsbane’s Daughter is a companion novella and in-between for volumes one and two. It follows the journey of a few side characters you’ll meet in volume one. We get an up close and personal glimpse of Wolfsbane’s mute daughter, Resha as she looks after Wyll. Wolfsbane and Resha both have major parts to play before the story plays out in volume two. I had a lot of fun diving into a different perspective, since the other two books are told from Vynasha’s point of view. Also, because Resha was born and raised in the forbidding Wylder Mountains, she gives us a closer look at the new world Vynasha and Wyll have traveled to.
I hope you have enjoyed your glimpse into the world of Wylder Tales and look forward to continuing the journey with you in Scarred Beauty, Volume 2!

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