Scarred Beauty Book Tour: Day 5

It’s day five of our week-long online book tour for Scarred Beauty, sequel to Craving Beauty of the Wylder Tales Series! I’m really excited about today’s tour stops because we dive deep into the world of Wylder Tales with Annie Douglas, plus another peek at the new world map at Laura’s Ramblings & Reviews.  I’ve made you curious, now, haven’t I?

#1 Letters From Annie

To begin, Annie Douglas asks me the deep questions and I dish out the answers Vynasha is still seeking in this exclusive interview. If you weren’t aware, Annie features a guest fantasy author every Monday in her special feature, “Realm Explorers.” If you’re a sword & sworcery nerd like me, you should check it out! Meanwhile, here’s a teaser from the interview:

AD: Has anything in your actual life inspired the locations, cultures, etc. in your book?
JS: I spent some time in Romania, particularly Transylvania and the beauty of this country left its stamp on me. Some places seem more magical than others, they leave a mark. The Carpathian Mountains slope and tower overhead and are covered by a forest of gorgeous trees. On the roads winding through, you came across villages and passed by horse and carts piled with hay. The land captivated me, especially the old tales about wolves coming down from the mountains in winter to steal sheep, like something out of a fairy tale. Much of the atmosphere and mystery I felt in that place is in the Wylder Tales Series.

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Next on our whirlwind tour, Laura’s Ramblins and Reviews features another peek at the new Wylderlands map. And Erythea Iceveins tells us a portion of her tale in a special extra. Here’s a peek:

“Erythea felt a frown furrowing her brow now as she checked her second empty trap and sighed as she walked further from the Iceveins cottage and deeper into the forest. She wished her nose was as sharp as Father’s. The familial Wolv traits had yet to manifest after her eleventh birthday, however. Which is why she didn’t hear the approach of the other children until they appeared suddenly across from her in the clearing.
Dread coiled in the pit of her stomach. Wolv children, and not just any but the three who liked her least.
“What do you want, Aelon?” She eyed the tallest and took a cautious step back, slipping her hand behind her cloak to grasp her knife by its hilt. She didn’t have claws like them yet, but she did have steel.
Aelon sneered down at her and took a prowling step forward. “You know what we want.” He lifted his hands to the Ironteeth siblings at his sides and flashed her a sharp toothed grin. “Show us your claws.”
Erythea squashed her rising fear, knowing they could smell it on her. “I don’t have to show you anything.”
He snarled at her. “That’s because you don’t have any claws, isn’t it? You’re a witch, not a Wolv and everyone knows it!”
Despite her best efforts, fear covered her like a second skin with his words. This wasn’t the first time the children teased her for being half human. But she had always clung to the hope she would take after her father’s Wolv side. Maybe then they would accept her. Deep down she knew better.”

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Tuesday we visit  The Silver Dagger Scriptorium & Bloggin’ & Writing for more exclusive features. Thank you for joining us on the journey so far & happy reading! 


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