Scarred Beauty Book Tour: Day 6

Can you believe it’s already Day 6 of our week-long online book tour for Scarred Beauty? Time flies when you have fun, or in my case, when you spend your days chasing your toddler around the house. (Writing time comes in during naps & bedtime 😉 Anywho, back to the tour! Today’s tour stops are with the lovely Silver Dagger Scriptorium and Bloggin’ & Writing. Due to a technical issue, we are on hold for Bloggin’ & Writing. However please do drop by Chrissie’s blog and check out her latest reads in the meantime!

#1 The Silver Dagger Scriptorium

In another Wylderlands Map feature, we dive deeper into the Lost City and the castle where the Beast dwells. If you’re anything like me, you know part of the fun (and agony) in any romance novel is trying to figure out what the male lead is thinking. In today’s guest post, we offer a glimpse into where Grendall was before Vynasha invaded his world.

Grendall Bitterhelm was tired. The grimy dungeon walls he leaned against echoed the sounds of the beasts under his charge. There had been a time when he ruled over them with an iron whip, when he cared enough to make them behave. But that was long ago, before the monotony and meaninglessness of his existence settled in.
“Boy?” A feeble voice carried to him from the door of his room.
Grendall sighed as he gathered himself, as much of him was left over. “What do you want, old man?” Odym pushed his way through, so faded today, Grendall could see through him.
“Do I need remind you of the work you chose for yourself?”
“You do not.”
“Then I suppose I need not remind you there are several mindless beasts currently roaming the castle grounds unhindered?”
Grendall lifted the lid of his trunk and tried to decide which weapon he would practice with today. “Does it matter?”
Odym grabbed the lid of his trunk and shut it with surprising force for the old wyne warrior.

To read more, come visit The Silver Dagger Scriptorium!

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Wednesday we visit Mel’s Shelves & Book Butterfly in Dreamland for more fun & features you won’t get anywhere else. Thank you for joining us on the journey so far & happy reading! 



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