Scarred Beauty Tour: Day 7

One more day left for the Scarred Beauty book tour! Hard to believe it’s already almost been a week since we started our journey through Wylderland. I’ve enjoyed every moment of it. After tomorrow’s Grand Finale with Prism Book Tours, we are having a Twitter Chat on Friday beginning at 8 PM ET #ScarredBeauty that you won’t wanna miss. I’ll be giving away swag and more books there, so if you don’t win the raffle, you will have more chances then. Now that you’re as pumped as I am, let’s look at today’s tour stops!

#1 Mel’s Shelves

All week we have offered you sneak peeks at the brand new Wylderlands Map. Today’s stop brings us back to where Vynasha, Ceddrych and Wyll grew up, Whistleande Valley. Read this exclusive look at a “local” author’s recent visit to this land and its people.

Once, this village prospered from the diamond and lesser jewel trade. Since the war, few of their young men have returned and those left behind have suffered. The last of the great North Lords was overthrown and left to live among the people they once cared for. Their descendants were difficult to trace by record alone, thus I began my search of their ancestral home. Locals frequenting Mayve’s Tavern, however, advised against this. The road would take me to a long unused path into the lower Wylder Mountains. According to local legend, the last North Lord went mad because the family home was taken by the Wylder Curse.

I thought it best to take their advice and found a room to rent for the evening. The folk sang of curses by the hearth while Stye, the owner and proprietor, told stories. I confess to having more than three of their sweet ales to warm my chilled blood. Perhaps it was the beauty of the roses Stye keeps upon the tables which brightened my mood. I did my best to blend in, despite my obvious, lighter southern visage and accent. The people as well, seemed to loosen their tongues as the night grew long.

They spoke of the last great North Lord and his only son, Ceddrych. His wife was Mayve, a true genteel Lady who built her tavern after her husband’s death to provide for her family. Her son, Ceddrych aided his mother, along with their young cousin, Stye. The congenial man himself was only too happy tell of the madness that infected his cousin, twice-removed on his mother’s side.

As Stye tells, Mayve did her best to give her son a fresh start, rather, the lad chose to make his living through trade. Ceddrych’s quest to rebuild the family wealth is something of its own legend among the locals of Whistleande now. He found himself a mysterious lowlander wife and they returned to the valley after a long absence. Upon return, Ceddrych and his wife, Wynyth build a new home close to the border of the Wylder Mountains. Not even the son of the last great North Lord dared to build any closer to the forbidding forest.

For a time, before the last Diamond War, the family and the village prospered. There was some rumor that Ceddrych planned to retake the family title and lands, even. He and his wife had several children, though Stye did not disclose their names at first. Tragedy struck them deeply, however, the Wylder Curse taking revenge, they say. Wynyth and her two youngest children were struck with fever and did not survive. After the eldest son returned home from fighting in the Diamond War, he was much altered. Old Ced, as he was called by then, decided to seek aide in the neighboring western north fiefdoms. It would seem he had not forgotten his quest to regain his family wealth and titles. Yet he and his eldest son never returned and what travelers have come through from those western lands, heard nothing from them.


To read more, come visit Mel’s Shelves!

That all for tonight, folks. I hope y’all enjoyed your glimpse of the world and the characters who inhabit the Wylder Tales. I know you’re so excited, you’re going to enter the raffle contest right away, right? Good luck and may the odds be in your favor😉

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