Wylder Tales & Writing Goals

Unless you fell into a rabbit hole and have been wandering Wonderland for the past month, you are aware of the #ScarredBeauty book tour recently hosted by Prism Book Tours! I grew so accustomed to blasting it across my social media, I’m still using #’s with everything. #booktour #hashtag #whynothashtageverythingcauseitstwitter


I want to again thank everyone who participated in the tour! The Twitter Chat was super fun, even if we didn’t have a big turn out. (More prizes for the people who did ;p) You can still go back and check out the questions if you like. I even received my first fan art for Craving Beauty : by Agustina Zanelli!


That’s gorgeous, right? I freaked out suffice to say. Agustina nailed Vynasha. Check out her twitter page to see more of her art!

My biggest hope for the book tour, besides having fun, was for more of you to discover Vynasha’s story. We still have at least one more book and a novella left in this series, though I won’t count out the possibility for more “Wylder Tales” in the future.

In fact, my original plan was to write three (super long mind you) dark fairy tale retellings. The first was Beauty & the Beast, the second would be a retelling of Snow White and the third a super gothic version of the Swan Princess. I’d love to make all these tie in together in some grand way, all part of the Wylder Series maybe. But we’ll see where we are after this next year 🙂 In the meantime, you can pick up a freeeeeeee copy of Craving Beauty wherever eBooks are sold ($.99 at Amazon-because they’re quirky like that) So be sure to catch up on the series before we release Volume 3 this next year!


As for writing goals, I have a few big things planned for 2017. Like I mentioned above, I’m working on another Resha novella, plus Volume 3 in the Wylder Tales Series. Stay tuned for upcoming teasers, etc.

I’ve also been working (finally) on Tamn, the third Heaven’s Edge Novella. Click on the pic for a teaser 😉


If you were wondering what Heaven’s Edge is, check out the book page on my website. If you like YA Sci-Fi with a steampunk spin, this mini series will be for you. The fates were against me publishing this story before this year, but I’ve been talking with Jay Henge Publishing and we’ve got some exciting ideas for making this series take off again.

My biggest goal for 2017 is to hone in my craft. I’ve never been much of a stickler about method, but I’m at a point in my career where I want to push my boundaries. Not sure how that will translate, if I try to find a writing group to critique the heck out of my work, take a workshop or something else. I do know I want to craft the best possible stories for you, to do these characters justice. You know, in case I ever accidentally get sucked into their world a la The Story of Awkward. Which if you are looking for a fantastic and unique new read, this is the book for you, my friend.


On that note, I’m off to #write and hopefully get out of the habit of #hashtagging so often.

Happy Reading!


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