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First of all Happy Hannukah and Happy Almost Christmas everyone! I hope y’all have enjoyed your holidays and aren’t too stressed this season. Funny how a time of year we should feel most relaxed and forgiving tends to push us to the brink. But that’s family for you, right? Equal measures of love and madness abound.

We Write Fantasy

Last week you may have noticed we took a break from the usual posts in favor of the Prism Book Tours’ 12 Days of Fantasy for Christmas. I’m so thankful to Tressa and Laura for throwing a great tour, and all the amazing authors who participated with me. It’s always an honor to me, to be featured alongside my fellow Indies, especially when half of them are the reasons I was brave enough to publish in the first place.

The spirit of togetherness and camaraderie really infected me during this tour. So much so, that I started a new blog with Author Melissa Wright called We Write Fantasy. Many of the lovely authors from our recent tour are joining in on the fun where we will regularly contribute writing advice, talk on the fantastical genre and occasionally share about our books. I hope you’ll take a moment to check out our new page and follow! We’d love to hang out with y’all. Right now it’s still in the beginning stages, but we are slowly putting the pieces together. Soon you will find regular blog posts featuring different authors and occasional guests. We have super awesome fun plans in store for this. Mostly, we wanted to create a safe place for our fellow Indies and readers to hang out and talk books. Click on the pic below for the link:


Rewriting Silver Hollow

A Writer’s Tale by Bilbo…wait nope


When I decided to rewrite Silver Hollow, I thought most of my leg work would be devoted to freshening up dialogue and trimming my crazy rambling prose from 2012. Hahahahaha…. yeah, no. Granted, parts of this revision have been like that. Easy to fill in certain gaps and such. I decided to write this novel in five parts, doing my best to infuse each part with is own energy and mini-themes linking the whole narrative. It was ambitious because I haven’t worked on anything this big well, since Silver Hollow, but I was confident I could make it work.

Throughout the spring and summer I worked diligently whenever I had a spare moment. Since I was already busy writing Tamn and Bound Beauty, I couldn’t wholly focus on Silver Hollow. But I was working at such a steady pace, my ego was convinced I could finish by the fall, then re-release in December. That was until I made it to Part 3.

As I’ve reviewed my original and past revised manuscripts, it was glaringly obvious there was a lot that needed to be fixed. I tried to decide early on what scenes to keep, what to cut and what to save for the sequel. But when I made it to Part 3, I knew to keep things fresh and more true to where I want to take this series, I needed to go into new territory.

In order to finish Tamn and publish She Walks in Moonlight, I had to put aside Silver Hollow for a while. Because while I fell in love with the new version, I realized it was about to require my total and absolute focus. Something about long novels I’ve recently relearned, is how difficult that middle section can actually be.

It’s one thing when you first begin and you’re all gung-ho about the story. Your characters are fresh and alive. But then you reach the middle and are suddenly in the middle of a lake, floundering. At least, you are if you’re me. I envy those writers who plan and pace every tiny step of their novels. I’m the sort that is constantly surprised by my characters’ actions. For instance, I wasn’t expecting Amie to be so much stronger in this version. But in retrospect it makes sense. I first wrote her when I was at a vulnerable and somewhat low point in my life. Now that I’m actually of the age as my MC, I’ve found her to be a lot more “no nonsense” and snarky than before. But she’s also pushed in directions and situations she didn’t know she could handle. Amie’s story begins much the same, but part of her journey is learning just how much she can take as she becomes who she was meant to be. And Emrys…oh Lord he never ceases to surprise me, darn him lol. But before I sound like too much of a crazy person (aka writer), back to the point.

Long books require focus, especially in fantasy when you’re not only dealing with character facts and traits, but the “rules of magic” in your world. In my case, Silver Hollow is the new beginning of the Borderlands Series and also connected to the Wylder Tales. So I’ve got multiple character arcs and worlds to bridge. That also in keeping with the heart of Silver Hollow, the story I’m trying to do justice for. And because I am re-releasing, I’m attempting to reign in my urge to change too much. Otherwise I may as well publish a brand new book in place of a new edition. In so many ways this is a new book. It’s also the book I’m most excited to share with y’all in 2018.

One thing I learned from writing in 2017, was that while working on multiple books at the same time was fine in the past, I need to at least limit myself to two projects at a time. Some books require stronger focus than others. Can you begin to imagine what kind of mammoth willpower and focus George R.R. Martin puts into one of his books? No wonder the poor man takes years to finish.

george r.r. martin (2)


Goals for this month

  1. Finish Silver Hollow Part 4!

  2. Evaluate writing/publishing journey this past year.

  3. Read as many books as possible 🙂

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