Weekly Writerly Witterings ~ On Writing, Inktober and Finding Inspiration

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What’s UP with Angel Blue?

Big news! My omnibus for all three episodes of Angel Blue is going on tour! Sign-ups with Xpresso Book Tours are happening right now, so if you’re a blogger buddy here’s your chance to be part of the action 🙂 You can link up here or by clicking on this awesome pic:

Also, I’m excited to share the pre-order for the sequel: Devil Red is already up! Check it out here:

Meanwhile, in a cabin in the woods…

My little family and I spent much of the past season on the road. Between personal tragedies and deaths in the extended family, plus long-overdue visitations, I scarcely found time to breathe. I loved every chaotic second of it, of course. I’ll go on record here and tell you I’m not an extrovert. But I love being around the people I love. There’s something about spending time with people who genuinely care about you that keeps my largely virtual life grounded in reality.

Okay I feel like I’m waxing verbose, here. I am, aren’t I? Apologies. I’ve been reading high fantasy novels again and I tend to think and speak how I read. For example, a character I recently read was Irish-ish, therefore I thought in an Irish accent for a couple of days. As you may guess, I spent my real-life interactions throwing about Irish slang. Thankfully, my family is used to my eccentricities. Even better, they are also book nerds.

Back to #writinglife, I pretty much avoided it the past month. While I’d love to tell you I wrote 2K per day, I tried soaking up as much of our adventures (and getting over the flu upon coming home…) as I possibly could. They will say you should write what you know, and the best writers are out there living. Which in my case means pushing beyond my comfort zone and embracing the world a bit.

Now that I’m back home in the Shire…er, my Fortress of Semi-Solitude (I’m a mom – there’s never true privacy), I’ve been settling back into routines.

My husband, niece and I have been doing our own little #Inktober! I pretty much proved how awful I am with inks after not working with them since college. It’s been extra fun because we came up with several Dragon Age, Harry Potter and Elder Scrolls fandom prompts. Here’s a couple of mine:

As I’ve been “arting” and reading every day, I plan to next attempt collecting daily word counts. Just in time, too, right? #NaNoWriMo is right around the corner and I plan to dedicate a massive 50K chunk of Blackbriar Cove to it. 🙂 Wish me luck! I’ll keep y’all posted on the actual writing process. Hopefully I can help inspire you in your own creative journeys.

One thing I hope you take away from my meanderings, is to enjoy your life. Don’t beat yourself up for missing the occasional deadline or falling out of habits. Sometimes, we structure our lives too much, so much that we forget how to be part of the world outside our screens. I hope you find ways to surround yourself with beauty this week. I hope you are inspired 🙂


Goals for this week

  1. Reach 30K in Blackbriar Cove!

  2. Finish a book review for my critique partner 😉

  3. Get back on track with We Write Fantasy.

Helpful Links

Audio Jungle – excellent music and effects for your trailer-making needs!
Write. Publish. Sell – Alexa Bigwarfe’s resources are amazing, y’all.
“Writing a Series: 7 Continuation Issues to Avoid” – by Joanna Penn

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