Cover Reveal for Dalriada Valley!

Those of you who already saw this in my newsletter & social (or the recent website theme 😉 have already had the lovely privelage of seeing this gorgeous cover design by Qamber Designs. But I’m so in love with Dalriada Valley, and all the covers in the Borderlands series, I wanted to give it some extra love today. Thank you so much, Najla Qamber, for another beautiful piece of art. I can’t remember how many covers (and recovers) we’ve done together over the years, but I swear you get better every time. Can’t wait to design the first trilogy box set and Annwyn Park with you!

Coming September 30th, 2022…

(Borderlands Saga #3)

Contemporary Fantasy, Fantasy Romance

Beware the witch and her werebeasts, but fear the feasting shadows more…

Blackbriar Cove is dying. Lost spirits prey upon the weak, the Weaver is missing, and the Unseelie rule through terror. It’s not the home Jo and Faye remember, but with the help of their friends and the Queen of Silver Hollow, they might change their fates.

Trapped in the hidden realm of Blackbriar Cove, Amie and the twins have no other choice but to face the dangers of Dalriada Valley. As their friendship is tested, and their loyalties questioned, each must find their own path. Even if it means choosing between sacrificing the ones they love or staying behind.

The sequel, Annywn Park will release in May 2023.

Grab your copy while the Pre-Order Sale lasts!

Discover the Borderlands Saga

Into a land of Fae, Dragons, and the power of Excalibur…

A boundary has been breached and a legacy is about to be fulfilled. Taking place in a parallel realm in the English countryside, The Borderlands Saga is a Contemporary Fantasy Romance for mature teens & adults. (Silver Hollow was previously published as a stand-alone. The sequel, Blackbriar Cove is now live. Dalriada Valley will release on Sept 30, 2022)

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