Those of you who already saw this in my newsletter & social (or the recent website theme 😉 have already had the lovely privelage of seeing this gorgeous cover design by Qamber Designs. But I'm so in love with Dalriada Valley, and all the covers in the Borderlands series, I wanted to give it some... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal for Stay!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours Welcome to the Cover Reveal for Stay By Jennifer Silverwood   (Cursed Gods #1) Romantic Urban Fantasy Paperback & ebook, 216 Pages "Sometimes, love isn't as magical as people expect it to be..." Rona believes love is nothing more than a myth, a tale for little girls. Until the immortal... Continue Reading →

Cover Reveal for Blackbriar Cove!

On Tour with Prism Book Tours Welcome to the Cover Reveal for Blackbriar Cove By Jennifer Silverwood Coming in 2020... (Borderlands Saga #2) Contemporary Fantasy, Magical Realism Paperback & ebook 2020 by SilverWoodSketches In a single night of madness, Amie won the battle and lost the two people she loved most. As she struggles to be... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow

Last week I finished Silver Hollow! I was so shocked after revising the rewritten Epilogue (because let's be honest, it was utter tripe). There's this feeling you get after finishing a novel, but especially a 400+ page novel.  I have spent about a year working on this new edition. It's the same bones of the original but... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow

Before we dive into today's Silver Hollow 2018 teaser, I wanted to share a special event with y'all! Between now and May 30th, the day before release, I'm offering up a special Pre-Order Raffle. Pick up your discounted early-bird copy & share your transaction # plus the date you ordered, then help me spread the... Continue Reading →

Silver Hollow Available for Pre-Order!

I'm so excited to finally and officially share Silver Hollow is available for pre-order! Silver Hollow will be re-released on May 31st 2018 as first in the new Borderlands Saga and is a Contemporary Fantasy for adults who want to believe in fairy tales again. "I shouldn’t have to tell you this isn’t a fairy... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow 2018

It's happening! Silver Hollow 2018 is officially up for preorder everywhere! I'm planning a special post with info and whatnot, but for now, I hope you're as excited as I am! This week I uploaded the book info to Goodreads, Amazon and Smashwords (aka everyone else). But if you really want the deets on my crazy... Continue Reading →

Weekly Writerly Witterings ~ Writer’s Madness

witter (ˈwɪtÉ™) vb – (often foll by: on) to chatter or babble pointlessly or at unnecessary length n – pointless chat; chatter COLLINS ENGLISH DICTIONARY – COMPLETE AND UNABRIDGED, 12TH EDITION 2014 © HARPERCOLLINS PUBLISHERS 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014 Pardon me as I scramble about like a headless chicken while putting together... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: New Silver Hollow

Welcome to another new New Silver Hollow teaser! A few updates on this New Edition project. July will be a big month. Not only will I turn twenty-nine (hello approaching 3-0), but I will be brainstorming the new cover art with original designer, Najla Qamber Designs. I've been searching for just the right look for this... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: New Silver Hollow

Another week, another Tuesday Teaser! One of these days, I'll be so organized I'll post more on my page again for y'all. Meantime, I'm still trying to set my game plan writing and marketing wise for the rest of 2017. Can you believe it's already almost MAY? The suffocating humidity outside makes me believe it.... Continue Reading →

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