Weekly Writerly Witterings ~ Borderlands Saga Updates!

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Did you know you can read Silver Hollow for FREE where ebooks are sold? Yep! The first in my modern fantasy series is permafree (or at least for the foreseeable future 😉). So be sure to grab your copy! And maybe leave a review if you like it? Every bit helps me spread the word and keep writing more books.

the borderlands saga update

While I’ve chosen to put Annwyn Park on hold (to focus on baby girl & keeping my sanity), I’m currently putting together the box set for Borderlands #1-3! I love box sets as a reader, and I love the fact I’ve written enough in this series to finally bundle them together. So what can you expect?

  1. New awesome cover by Qamber Designs! 💜
  2. Extra scenes + exclusive content 💃
  3. Access to the original standalone Silver Hollow 😱😉

When will the box set be available? I’m gunning for an early Fall release barring life doesn’t throw me sudden curve balls. More official news and dates are coming (as soon as my topsy-turvy life allows 🤪) For now, check out the gorgeous cover art!

So what about Annwyn Park?

To those of you who have read or are currently reading the sequels to Silver Hollow (I officially love you!), and wondered…

  • Am I still writing and plan to publish Annwyn Park? Yes! I’m planning three parts to the story currently and am about midway through part 1, with the rest mostly outlined. Because my main computer hours go to my day job, I usually write late at night on an app on my phone. It’s far easier to keep my baby from my phone than those precious moments she smacks on my keyboard to help me write. But it’s also more difficult to pack away hours writing the way I did pre-baby.
  • When can you expect the sequel? In a perfect world, or a world where I successfully cloned myself (shivers), later this year. But earlier this year, I decided to pivot and focus on finally re-releasing my YA fantasy trilogy: Wylder Tales first. What I feel I can safely say is I should have no trouble releasing the first in our next Borderlands arc (3 more books 🤞) by this time next year.
  • Can you read the first three books in the Borderlands Saga and expect a fully finished arc? While I’ve left plenty to write more about, the main story and loose ends begun with Silver Hollow are answered by the end of Dalriada Valley. We leave our characters not perfect, but mostly happy or with the promise of happiness. And isn’t that what we all wish for in life?

Goals for this week

  1. Finally send out a newsletter update (I know, it’s been way too long!)

  2. Write and read, but also remember to breathe.

  3. Find peace in small moments and make time to journal again.

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