So I discovered Amazon Kindle about five months ago. Soon after I published my first novella, “Qeya” and quickly realized that this simple process of self-publishing was a lot more than met the eye. I’m thinking I should just write a book about learning the ropes of becoming an Indie. Lol Shame it’s probably already been done before!

“Qeya: A Heaven’s Edge Novella,” is about a group of aliens. It takes place on a ship in outer space (of course ;). And as you may have guessed by the title, they’ve made the long journey’s end to “the edge” of the heavens.

designed by Najla Qamber

Meet Qeya, a 15 year old princess who’s more often than not dealing with more than she can chew, babysitting all the younger royal children. And she’s curious about the miners who keep the ship running. Their two species have been at odds for ages but one of them’s not bad looking. If you happen to like the whole dark and brooding tattooed guy with green eyes.

She’s been forbidden to speak to a miner, but all this changes when things start happening on the ship her parents won’t explain. Where does she go to for answers?

Yep, you guessed it!

Prepare yourselves for a galactic adventure about a group of older kids forced to survive on their own, monsters with large claws and a terrifying planet.

Adults beware: this is a young adult novella! Therefore you may be unprepared for the teen angst and shocking “Lord of the Flies”-ish actions of aforementioned teens.

It’s being re-edited, professionally of course by the fabulous Jessica Augustsson so it’s not quite finished. But be looking for updates on my brand spanking 3rd Edition’s debut!

And we can wax and wan writing tips another time 😉

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