Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll

This poem and its author are a large part of my inspiration behind Silver Hollow and my need to be fanciful. It also reminds me just how much I am not Lewis Carroll, lol. Hope you enjoy this whimsical nonsensical poem as much as I do.  Jabberwocky BY LEWIS CARROLL ’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves Did gyre... Continue Reading →

$.99 Christmas Sale!

Merry Christmas peeps! Today I'm reminded how even though this year has been tough for me and my family, that we have always had what we needed and always been cared for. In this world today, that's the most anyone can ask for, I feel. Thank you everyone for making this year wonderful! Now to... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser

Today's, or rather tonight's teaser features a current re-write. Hopefully I'll have something to show for it by the end of this year. Sometimes the best writing is revisiting past stories, like opening up an old book. It's like turning the pages of an old friend and breathing life back into it. Emrys walked around... Continue Reading →

Silver Hollow is FREE!

  Two years ago I published my first full-length novel, Silver Hollow. It’s a story about a girl, a castle and a colorful cast of wacky characters. Rest assured there is plenty of magic, destiny and wonders to behold. And as it is my first novel, it holds its fair share of mistakes. My writing... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow 2nd Edition

As I just finished getting the second edition print version together, I thought I'd share a snippet you haven't read yet! Silver Hollow is currently up in the Read It & Reap program at Goodreads' group: Shut UP & Read (LOL I still love that name) So far it hasn't been these poor readers' cups... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser: Silver Hollow “Cooking Lessons”

Today's teaser comes from the new, re-revised version of Silver Hollow! RJ and I have been hard at work getting this new edition together. I'm so glad I decided to have her edit it one more round. It's polished up so much nicer thanks to her critical and fun touch. COOKING LESSONS Cook opened the... Continue Reading →

Tours & Revisions Galore!

Just a little quick updates/drabble :)Tomorrow I'm hosting good friend and fellow authoress, Melissa Wright on my book blog- SilverWoodSketches for her Bound by Prophecy tour! Y'all deff need to check this book out because it's more than awesome. I've read it almost twice now and just like the Frey saga, it swallows you whole until... Continue Reading →

Barnes & Noble Links

I was working on some queries tonight and I realized that a good portion of y'all probably were unaware that my books are also available on Barnes & Noble. I don't know why I didn't add this info to my pages sooner. Just another one of those things that got sidetracked in the process of... Continue Reading →


"Book Girl Knitting" hosted me for the twenty-ninth stop in our tour. Love her site and the Victorian style 🙂 Dig into a behind the scenes look at the romance phenomenon, Team Emrys VS Team Dearg, besides the giveaway and another chance to read two excerpts and my little short free story read. But hope... Continue Reading →

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