The Impossiblities

I've begun a new post several times. Each one failed to meet my standards to the point I did not bother to save the drafts for a later upload. To try and tell you how I've been this year so far is a long story. If you want the prose version, you can skip on... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser

Featuring...Vynasha! To help get me in the spirit of revisions 😉  With a sudden wind and sweep of terror, the candles that had lined either side of the hearth were quenched with a low hiss. Exhaustion and hunger were forgotten in the blink of an eye as her senses came back to life. Unseen eyes... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser

Today's teaser is from Vynasha part two 🙂 Enjoy 🙂 But it was not her cries that woke her, rather a cacophony of howls and snarls and human shouts rose up seemingly all around her. She rubbed the sleep from her face quickly and gathered the furs closer as she backed against the longhouse wall. Coals... Continue Reading →

Vynasha Love #3

I finished writing the mob scene last night, yay! Now it's on to pack stuff and scenes like the one below. I love visiting Tumblr for inspiration. I never actively update my poor profile. Rather than posting original stuff I almost always share or like things created by others. I'm always in awe of people... Continue Reading →

Vynasha Love #2

Tonight I'm working on Vynasha Part Two again. Our main character is about to face down a mob in a particularly dicey scene and can't wait! This is my first mob scene, if I recall correctly, in all my books. Only this mob uses claws, daggers and teeth instead of pitchforks. Hopefully I can deliver... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser

As promised, here is today's teaser! Once again it's from Vynasha Part 2, A Wylder Tale. If you feel clueless while reading this, stay tuned for Part One's upcoming release!  Before the castle walls had glowed with some strange otherworldly floating lights. But out here the land was the pale amber and rose hues of a... Continue Reading →

Tuesday Teaser

Woohoo! Another Tuesday has rolled around and I'm ready to share more of the latest from my new novel, Wylderland 🙂 The castle was always dark and drafty. But now the walls seemed to ripple and shiver with moonlight. And tiny blue lights floated ahead of her path, past the tapestries watching her trek through... Continue Reading →

Teaser Tuesday!

 Last night's rant was cathartic for me to the point I was able to start working on the sequel to Vynasha, A Wylder Tale! In case you aren't clued in, Wylder Tales is my upcoming YA Fantasy Saga, a series of fairy tale re-telling's. But these aren't your average fairy tales. Swing over to the... Continue Reading →

It’s Here!

Finally, after months and months of waiting, I'm pleased to announce the release of VYNASHA: Part One, A Wylder Tale. Come with me on an adventure into the harsh winter land wherein lives a Beast and a Beauty. But this is no fairy tale and the beast would much rather devour Beauty than love her.... Continue Reading →

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