Tuesday Teaser

Today’s teaser is from Vynasha part two 🙂 Enjoy 🙂



But it was not her cries that woke her, rather a cacophony of howls and snarls and human shouts rose up seemingly all around her. She rubbed the sleep from her face quickly and gathered the furs closer as she backed against the longhouse wall. Coals from the fire had left barely any distinguishable light, but it was the light seeping through cracks in the wood that terrified her now. Who was it?

“Ceddrych?” she whispered, fearful to raise her voice any higher. She could not tell his form in the cot at the fire’s opposite end. And when she clenched her teeth to hide their chatter, the voices on the other side of the wall grew louder.

“ –know she’s in there, Wanderer!” a woman shouted.

“Yes,” growled an older male, “why don’t you show them your majik user.”

“We know she came from the castle!”

“—not one of us!”

“—murder our children in their sleep!”


Vynasha caved into herself and placed her hands against her ears. She did not want to hear any more. How could it be happening again? A sudden flurry of snarls and wolfish barks added to the chaos.

The elder male laughed and interrupted with his booming voice. “Enough! You have all said your peace. Wanderer, you know the rules of our pack. The majik user must not be allowed to live.”

The Wanderer, who had thus far been silent, protested. “NO! Listen to me! Vynasha is my sister. She could no easier harm a hare than one of your children.”

“You said your family was dead!” the woman cried. “He lied to us all!”

“No!” Ceddrych growled. Vynasha pressed her hand and ear to the wall and squeezed her eyes shut. She tried to picture his face, her brother who lived without family as she had. To recover something that was thought to be lost forever… 

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