It’s the Final Countdown!

Countdown…one chapter and an epilogue to go!

I am currently on page 302 of my first draft of my big baby Silver Hollow. Who is this you ask?

Well she’s currently been my pet project the better part of this last year, my first attempt at real writing. I liked to think my novella series as just child’s play. And this is my masterpiece…

okay, hold that though…

You didn’t really think I was serious did you???

(pauses to blink)

Well, did you? lol Okay I’m done teasing!

Silver Hollow is my first full length novel, currently being revamped and reread by some close friends, and me. It began as a joke really, a possible future for me and my two twin best friends and lifelong neighbors. We had grown up together, shared many adventures in the real world and in the books I wrote for them. Not that any of these high school fantasy dramas are worth being mentioned. They were just for fun.

After high school I tried my hand at writing something original, something different, something good. I’d always had the intention of writing a real novel and here was my big chance! So of course I piddled around and began about five seperate novels and set down outlines for about five more. Overachieving much?
Or was it simply because I knew I hadn’t found the “right story”?

Like I said before, Silver Hollow was just supposed to be for fun. I had absolutely no intention of publication. So of course I found some divine inspiration and wrote about ten chapters in a mad frenzy. Only after I read this goofy modern romantic fantasy urban historical comedy to my twin besties did I realize I had a book on my hands.

It’s not as dark as my other books tend to be, more lighthearted fun than some study on the human psyche. Eventually I’m sure I’ll get a handle on writing real literature. But I’m in my early (ahem, almost mid-) twenties and this decade is all about living it up!

Silver Hollow surprised me by how endearing its characters and make believe world became to me. Ask any author and they’ll tell you how attached they’ve become to the “people” they’ve spent a year with. It makes me almost understand why Stephanie Meyer wrote so many friggin sequels…

(and seriously, five movies? do we really need glitter vamps that badly ladies? send me some Eric Northman! 😉

Now I’m on page 302 of my first draft…the feeling is strange. I never thought I would get this monster project done!

Of course I’ve got a LONG list of revisions to make to the plot and story line, sync everything together and all. But Draft two will take less time to write and once it has been edited I believe we’ll be in business!

The cover is already done by my lovely designer Najla, but I’m not going to start promoting just yet. Still there is much to do and I’m determined to make the most of the time!

A big shout out to my biggest supporters, Amber, Melissa, Kate and Krystin. Y’all have been so patient with me, answered so many questions tirelessly. And it’s partly because of y’all I’ve come this far. And I am IN LOVE with Goodreads now. Best community of people out there. 🙂

Anyways, be expecting further updates and hints and teasers for this new novel in the near future!

We can start the countdown to publication by early fall.

So please say some prayers and knock on wood a few times for me 😉


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