Sisterhood Forever

I found this kick-ace photographer through my new friend Tamara Blodgett, called Phatpuppy. Aren’t those both just fabulous names?

I was recently advised to put stock in a decent book cover. Well I found my designer in Najla, who is AMAZING btw if any of you are in need of some high quality work! But Phatpuppy went beyond my expectations. I don’t know what they ask in the way of price, but those digital photos are amazing. I’ll for sure be looking into them for my next cover art :D.
So have any of you ever started writing something one time of the day and tried to finish it later? That’s my dilemma right now. When I started this post I was in a post work daze/perky creative mood. But now I’m feeling all nostalgic! 
I grew up next door to the same people all my life. My parents built our house around thirty-five years ago out in the “then” countryside. And when I was a little girl our neighbors moved in. Their twin daughters were only a grade above me and from the beginning we became fast friends. This only cemented as we grew older, pursued different interests. We always have had one thing in common no matter what: our youth with each other. 
Some people leave your life and never return, others are only there for a short stop before getting back on the road again, and still others, the rare kind, imprint themselves on you forever. The twins are the closest things to sisters I have and ever will have. No matter how close I get to my present friends, our sisterhood is something you can’t just forget.
Tonight one of the twins’ boyfriends came over to the house (my neighbors, and of course I was over there!) to supposedly check on something. After taking the parents outside for a moment he came back in and asked my permission to ask my best friend to marry him…
Gosh I don’t even know how to begin telling you what that meant to me. I looked him square in the eye and told him he is my brother. Over the last several years they’ve been dating he’s grafted so easily to us, become a part of what makes us “us” that it was no question in my mind. 
So imagine lots of smiles, barely concealed happiness and joy all around. To celebrate we had ice cream lol. 
Now I’m the last single holdout of the group. It makes me think ever more of the love story I’m attempting to write. I’m not sad I’m single. Rather I feel more solid on the whole concept of love. I fell that love is something that we keep discovering all our lives and the one after. I know for a fact God is Love, no matter what other people may think or feel. Only God understands what true love really is, and only He can show us. I know true love can mean a lot of things to a lot of people. It can be the ultimate sacrifice, the gentlest touch, the softest words and the harshest reprimand. Love is such a fragile but fearfully powerful thing. 
When I hugged my best friend’s soon-to-be fiance, and my best guy friend, I got a glimpse of it in his eyes. I saw that hope in his eyes that we would accept him as family, the hope that even though he’s certain of her affections he is also nervous too. And I don’t know how else to explain it to you, but for me that is true love. That is it right there.
To the next stage of our lives twins. I love my extended “true” family 😉

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