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Whilst (fun word) looking over my blog I realized it’s been over a week since I posted! Which is over my one-a-week goal. So here it is!

I’ve bought myself a domain on WordPress in anticipation of the future. It’s always good to look ahead, and my Pop always said that you need to be willing to put in before you can expect people to “buy” you. Somewhere in the near future I’ll be switching my official blog/website page to this address: MY SITE!

I’m pretty stoked about it. I’ll be using this website to post information on my books and other fun tidbits. It needs a lot of work of course, which requires time figuring all the gimmicks of that website out. But thanks to Colleen Hoover for giving me the idea. Not directly, but I was inspired after checking out her new website there. 🙂 And we also have a family friend who is a missionary in Europe and writes regular updates on their travels. So I’m happy to join the WordPress family.

Some people might think I’m taking too many steps forward, before my writing career takes off. But I like to have my bases covered and this way when things do get crazier I won’t have to worry about taking that step! Another Pop quote, “Plan your work and work your plan.”

Yep, We’re Southern Alright 😉

As for this blog, I’ll still update it, maybe more often than my site. This blog will be about more personal stuff. I’ll also keep posting my book reviews here for your viewing/sharing pleasure.

As for immediate updates, you’ll just have to check out my other site and see for yourselves!

Thanks to the few who have been reading these :). No author’s journey takes off without the support of friends and family like you backing us up! At least, no authors who didn’t go crazy 😉


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