Small Town America

After spending the weekend with my best friends in West Tejas, I was reminded of a peculiar fact. I absolutely love rinky-dink small town America. My friends recently moved from a small city to an outlying town. This place consists of one, white-steeple church, a fire station and an old main square. Off main street are first through fourth streets. And since West Texas is flat you can see pretty much the whole town in one take.

Now what makes it so different from the suburbs, where I live? Well for one there are no cops patrolling around looking for the crazies out there. Another is that people actually know the rest of the town. But probably my favorite thing was the old high school. It’s overgrown football field still bears the sign of mascot pride and the windows are all boarded up. My first thought was that it looked like a scene from “Walking Dead” lol, and if I let my imagination fly I could almost be creeped out. (Yes, I do realize zombies are scientifically impossible) Besides all that, there’s just a different feeling to the small town.

In a place with little to no traffic, no traffic lights etc, it makes you feel a little less claustrophobic, a little more free.

If I ever made enough money I’d totally go Hemingway with my cabin in the woods where I could write, grow old and grumpy and gray in solitude. Or…maybe not.

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