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Hey everyone! This week I’m working on getting Silver Hollow ready for print publication through Create Space. I remember thinking a couple of weeks back that I was going to publish two more books before the end of 2012. It was a nice thought. Truth is, it’s never wise to rush through the publishing process, or the writing process. 

A piece of advice if you are working on a book at the moment as well, take your time. True, it can be very gratifying, looking at your title on Amazon and finally getting it out to the masses. But readers can always tell how much time has been put into a project. There’s a fine tuning that goes missing when you rush to reach the end. And in the end, I would much rather take my time and come out with a finished product, than something I know is less than my best. 

As far as updates go, Silver Hollow’s e-version has done so much better than I had expected. I give most of the credit to Naj, my designer, who is a genius btw. You should check out her site:


Starting this week I will be doing a series of posts about Silver Hollow that will show you how Amie’s adventure came to be. A behind-the-scenes scoop! It will be fun to dig into the story and characters and depending on the response, I’ll include a few left behind scenes as well. 😉

Look here and elsewhere on my different profiles for the breadcrumb trail and enjoy your virtual tour of Silver Hollow.

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