Tuesday Teaser: Tamn

Finally I found the right inspiration to begin working on the next in the Heaven’s Edge series. You can find the first two installments on Amazon by clicking on the picture links 🙂



and now, here’s your first sneak peek!


“You’re doing it wrong,” I offered from over her shoulder. Golden, slightly mismatched wide eyes flashed threateningly at me over the edge of her scythe blade, an amusing expression on the face of a child. Then again, she wouldn’t be a child much longer, I reminded myself. Not to mention the fact she was going to be my wife one day. But every time I looked at Qeya, all I saw was the small bright haired girl who had followed me around the castle like a greandal pup.

Tendrils of her fire hair stuck to her sweaty face and I fought the need to brush them back. Instead I unfolded my long limbs and stood from against the wall to stand in front of her. I blocked her from the simulation she had been practicing with and ignored the familiar buzz of energy the projection emitted as I stepped into its motionless form. Today it had taken the form of a miner, one of the oldest defensive programs in the training program. That Qeya was already fighting our ancient enemy said much for how she would develop in the future.

“Here,” I said, twisting her hand around the grip so her fingers were together, clutched tightly. I concentrated on angling her elbow higher. “Always keep your arm up, level to your chin in case you need to block.” I lifted my hands to tuck her chin lower and our eyes brushed briefly. We both smiled and I ignored the sudden twitch of her translucent, second eyelids. She was often nervous around me.

“Oh thanks, high and mighty leader,” she snapped back with mischief in her eyes. I was amused as usual by her pride.

“You really think you can live up to that challenge? I am four years older than you, pup.” I pulled my retractable blade off my belt and caressed it fondly. I wasn’t making idle threats. Everyone knew I was the best in the program.

Qeya grinned and took her stance. “Hah! You might have fooled the rest of them into thinking you’re some kind of all-powerful warrior, but I know your weakness, Tamn,” she taunted.

I laughed, “What might that be…hey!” She barreled into me, putting away her blade in favor of using her hands as she ran them up my sides. I convulsed and then I was on the ground laughing in spite of the control I worked so hard to maintain. She did this to me, made me act like a child instead of the adult I was meant to be. And sometimes, secretly, I wished I was still a child. 

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