Starting tonight, I’m going to attempt to start keeping y’all more in tune with my writing process, lol. At least, to utilize this website for its purpose, spread the news on books and writing and hopefully snippets of fun.

Tonight I worked on getting my computer and planner organized. It’s crazy how lazy we can get sometimes, and when life gets hectic, I find it helps my sanity to hone in my minor OCD tendencies.

If you’re a writer, or a publicist, designer, whatever, I’d highly encourage you to keep a planner of some kind. Especially you writers, as I can speak a little more directly to you. It’s easy to let your promotional details to go unmarked. But come tax returns time, you’ll be beating yourselves in the head, stabbing your hand with a dingle-hopper and…well ya know.

I’ve been published for a year now (WHOA crazy) and I realized recently that I’ve been doing a subpar job at staying on top of things. There’s so much more to self-publishing than you initially think. I didn’t have to worry about tax stuff last year but this year I’m going to join the ranks and employ some poor CPA who has no idea the mess they’re about to get into. Apologies.

Meantime, here’s a couple links/tips I’ve garnered and plan on employing starting this weekend.


And here’s my main pointers: aka suggestions

  • Keep all your reciept emails in a special folder
  • Record every promotional tool you employ: Yep that includes swag and how many copies you offer in exchange for reviews, etc.
  • Talk to fellow Indies and self-employed peeps. While the IRS is helpful, they don’t openly share with you all the shortcuts.
  • Don’t ask me about it because I’m struggling to figure it out myself and I had to take Pre-Algebra twice 😉

But don’t let these sad tidings steal your love of writing. Just keep in mind that if you don’t maintain some kind of control over your writing finances (yes, you are now, technically a business owner lol) a long and happy life, you shall have not.

That being said I’m off to revise, write and revise some more! Happy early weekend! 😀

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