Tuesday Teaser: Volume 2

It seems like it’s been forever since I’ve had a chance to update. Truth be told I’ve been busy with life, namely my four month old baby. While I have found rare stolen moments to write, I have still been attempting to chip away at the Craving Beauty series. As proof, I thought I’d share some of the latest with y’all. Happy reading!

postcard-4inx4in-front“Curse you, you meddling old fool!” Grendall shouted through their shared wall.

Odym lifted an eyebrow at the wall and then to her. Vynasha sighed and spoke for her fellow inmate. “He hurt himself trying to protect me, says he doesn’t trust himself not to shift in this state.”

“Not to-to what?” Odym stuttered, glancing from her to the gap in the stone. “Grendall, my boy, what have you done? Please tell me you did not turn in front of her.”

“Curse the both of you…” Grendall grumbled.

Vynasha smiled faintly and shook her head. “It’s okay, Odym. I know he won’t hurt me, much as he tries to convince himself otherwise. Besides, it’s been nice having him here to keep me company.” Her words turned sour, however as she reflected on Odym’s comment moments before.


Odym shook his head and threaded his fingers together. The puffed, lacy sleeves about his wrists trembled as he spoke. “My lady, I am afraid you have learned too much prematurely and still too late.”

She interrupted, jumping on the thought her cellmate provoked earlier. “Grendall said the wards have weakened in this dungeon and that’s why the beasts continue to escape. If it’s so easy for them to break free, I’m sure we could all leave this place if we work together.”

Odym covered her hand with his, a look of pity in his faded eyes. “I fear the matter is more complicated than you know. The Prince believed you were the one to end his curse, but we knew in ways he could not that you are our last hope.”

“What do you mean by his curse? Does this not affect all of you?”

“You go too far, old man…” Grendall hissed.

Odym did not acknowledge the Gate Keeper, but squeezed her hand. “Grendall and I are tied to the majik of this place and like the wards, we too have faded. The Prince does not want to see the power of this place restored, whatever he might have told you. And we are cursed to serve him but for you. If you succeed where others have failed, you might end our torment yet.”

“No, you cannot ask this of her! You have no right!” Grendall struggled against the rocks. Vynasha couldn’t look away from the quiet hope in Odym’s eyes, the pleading.

Wyll  would want me to help them, if I can. 

“What must I do?” she pressed.

to be continued…

(Speaking of reading: Do any of you read comics? I’ll admit I’ve been skeptical because I seem to blaze through them in ten minutes a pop, but graphic novels are okay in my book. Any series in particular you would recommend?)

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