Tuesday Teaser: Wylder Tales Volume 3

Another week, another Bound Beauty teaser! Piecing the story together one step at a time. I’ve probably read more this past week than actually wrote, but storing up wonderful words and ideas…

Bound Beauty Volume 3 Teaser #3


“You wish to tell me what you were doing howling at the moon with our enemy last night?” Baalor asked as the sun tipped over their heads and began its descent.

Night would cover the land soon. Time to stop and break camp and rest, though Vynasha longed to continue.

“Perhaps I won’t tell you anything, if you insist on acting as my keeper,” she snapped.

Thus far, she had managed to avoid Baalor’s glares in both his Wolv and man forms. They had been running together, keeping a steady pace. Releasing her despair to the moon had felt freeing and given her a burst of primal energy her use of majik stole the night before. Now she was tiring and the pack master seemed to know it.

“Wolfsbane has hunted my kind since before you were born, so I think I have cause for concern,” he snarled back.

She met his glare with a lift of her chin and slowed her pace to slip past a copse of tightly packed fir branches. Her lungs burned with the frozen air but the sun warmed her skin and she fisted her hands to keep from trembling.

“If I want to howl at the bleeding moon, I will, thank you very much!”

Baalor gaped for a moment, thoroughly stunned before a slow smile tugged the corners of his mouth. “You are the most infuriating female I have ever met.”

“Well that makes two of us!” she barked back as a branch whacked her in the face. Vynasha froze and then, realizing her error, snorted and choked on a sudden gale of laughter.

Baalor chuckled as he carefully helped her reach past the worst of the brambles. The tension between them temporarily dispelled, the pair worked their way pushing aside branches and clearing their path.

In the somewhat peaceful silence after, Baalor waited, as patiently as he could as they entered a small clearing. He reached out to graze her arm briefly, signaling their stop. “That’s enough for today, I think. We should take shelter here.”

“I think we should press on through the night,” she countered.

He twisted round, gaze roving up and down her form. “You don’t have to pretend with me, Vynasha.” His lips twisted into a smirk as he lowered their shared pack. “Besides, I wasn’t talking about you. I am quite weary from the bloody pace you set all day. A Wolv is allowed his rest now and then, don’t you think?”

A laugh broke past her defenses and his smile turned genuine as she nodded. “Very well. It is clear you need sleep.”

Together they made a fire at the center of the tight clearing. The trees provided ample shelter from the mountain winds. Here at the foot of the valley, they were far enough from the heaviest of the enchanted forest to feel safe from any unnatural danger. Vynasha might have been put at ease, but Baalor kept a sharp eye out behind his open and ready smiles. There was much he had not and would not tell her… not yet.

to be continued…

stay tuned for more Tuesday Teasers & Wylder Tales


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