Tuesday Teaser: Angel Blue

Sorry for the brief hiatus, everyone! I’m happy to announce we’re back in the habit, Sister Act style, with a brand new teaser for Angel Blue. My current WIP is a serialized urban fantasy romance, split into five episodes. So I may be a little sparing with my teasers the next few months pre-release. However I know y’all will love this as much as I do. Angel Blue is the first novel in an ongoing series titled Seven Deadly Sins. Hope y’all enjoy & happy reading!

Angel Blue: Episode 1 Teaser

She cannot ignore the force behind his presence any longer and both longing and dread war within her as her guardian approaches.

He draws on shadows and pushes all surrounding warmth away in turn, so the humans shiver but do not turn to look. He weaves a spell with innate ancient power they cannot bear to look upon.

She cannot bear to look away.

All sound and light is drowned in his presence, wisps of floating tendrils like spilled ink trapping her. But she glows brighter without a second thought, golden like the sun, illuminating his face. He is beautiful like all their kind in the fullness of mouth and feature, but harsh in furrowed brow and sharper angles.

“Etlu,” she names him, the first kind face she met the morning her new life began. She should have died with the rest of her House. Had he not discovered her buried in the snow, she might have fallen into the final death. Little of the man she remembers lingers in his face, tonight. Endless war and running and time have taken their pound of flesh. He is a study in discipline cold as the mountains they hale from.

When he does not move to speak, she adds, “Did Nina tell you where to find me?”

His perfect lips twist into an ugly grin. “All I needed was look for the human hovel with the worst reputation.” Each word is punctuated by the Old World accent they share, burdened by the calm he is famous for.

Her skin heats up with the suggestive tone behind his words. This is a very old argument and she is too old now to cave into him. “I was about to leave,” she says and pushes through the shadow veil hiding the rest of him to lay a palm against his chest. He arches an eyebrow but relents. They both know anyone else would have lost a limb for taking such liberties.

“I would have been home before you noticed,” she offers as she listens to his pulse. His heart beats slower than hers so it is hard to tell how angry he truly is, but her heart has always been a hot little thing. She smiles when his pulse jumps beneath her touch.

A light flashes behind his black eyes as his long fingers wrap around her wrist. “Before I noticed? Do you think so little of me? As usual, you think only of yourself when you take risks like this, Eanna.”

She lifts her chin and straightens her spine until the tip of her head grazes his chin, refusing to cower. “I know the risks better than anyone. Let’s not argue tonight, Etlu. You know why I needed this.”

“And you know outside the walls you are vulnerable. Do not think the war is over, simply because we no longer fight openly. Or perhaps you wanted the Cursed to find you?”

Inner fire lights his eyes as he tugs on her wrist and she falls into his space. He feels hot as she is in that moment, kindled by all the things he should not say. 

Now his thoughts spill past his lips in a flood unleashed. “How could you believe I would not come for you? Did you think because Malku has claimed you for his own I no longer care?”

“Do you care? I see you so little, I assumed you were glad to be rid of me. Once I’m gone you can fight your bloody war without me dragging you down.”

“You know nothing of the war or the sacrifices I have made for you!” He traps her hand against his chest again and takes another step.

“Because you insist on keeping me sheltered! How am I supposed to rule our people if I know nothing of our enemy?” She won’t cave this time, not tonight, not ever again. Still, she pushes him while savoring his touch.

Dark light flashes in his hooded gaze as he replies, “It is my duty to protect you from our enemy.” Etlu never loses control like this in front her anymore.

“Not for much longer, though, right? We haven’t just been running from the Cursed all these centuries, but you still plan to sell me off to him.”

Etlu’s hands run up her arms. “You think I do not know this, that it does not drive me mad with the thought of him touching you?” His fingers flex as he bows his head and hovers over her mouth until their breath mingles.

If I kissed you now, would you push me away?

Her lips tingle as his breath ghosts over her lips and the shadows swirl and dance with the light between them. Invisible to all human eyes, outside the watchful walls of House Gisnu, Eanna burns for the one she should not crave.


to be continued…

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Her House is gone, making her the last of a powerful, ancient line.

Her Guardian is determined to make her into a queen, sacrificing his happiness.

Her quest for the truth of what happened the night they burnt her home and people to ash will tear their world apart.


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