Tuesday Teaser: Blackbriar Cove

Welcome back y’all! I just realized this is my 600th post for this blog (wow). In honor of this mini-milestone, I think I’d like to give away a free signed paperback copy of Silver Hollow to the person who leaves the comment with my favorite answer to this very important question:

“Which book first sparked your lifelong love of reading (or writing)?”

Back to today’s #teasertuesday! This past month I took a bit of a break from serious writing and have simply enjoyed my books. I’ve had a blast reading from genres outside those I write. From Middle-Grade, to Western and Thriller, I’ve seen first-class story-telling and elements to use in my own novels.

In other news, work has been amping up as we have more books to help other authors bring to life. I work from home, which is made doubly interesting by my four-year-old. He’s come into the phase of talking constantly. If he isn’t asking questions, then he’s telling stories or jokes only he gets. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve improved my talent for multitasking as  result. 😉

Most of you already know about my 2020 publishing sabbatical. But, as I said before, this hasn’t stopped me from writing. So keep an eye out for more fun teasers of current and future projects!

This episode was brought to you by grandmothers and the many cryptic sayings you didn’t get til you grew up 😉

Blackbriar Cove

Borderlands #2 Teaser

“It does a person no good to fall in love,” Nanny often whispered on the nights of thunderstorms. The twins believed everything Nanny said when they were little. If they were honest, they never stopped believing, for all their grandmother claimed became true eventually. And the twins had especially believed when Nanny warned them against falling in love during a storm, because their grandfather was a thunder spirit. 

“How did you meet Papa?” Faye had once asked, ignoring Jo’s warning jab to the ribs. Jo was often thinking of the concerns of others, being part water spirit herself. But Faye preferred to know things even if, in the asking, folks took offense. 

Nanny usually ignored questions about her past, when she wasn’t spouting riddles. That night, the summer before the worst storm that would sweep over the Cove, their grandmother listened to the thunder with a smile on her face. It was the kind of smile that shed years off her wrinkled brown face.

“I used to dance in the rain,” Nanny began. “Your grandfather loved watching me dance in the rain because I was not afraid of the thunder and lightning. No matter how loudly he made those clouds rumble, I wouldn’t stop dancing. Until one day, he left the clouds and danced with me…”

“What happened after that?” Faye pressed. She was ever-pressing matters that didn’t end to her satisfaction. 

Nanny’s smile faded but the warmth in her black eyes was for Faye and Jo alone. “He gave me your mother, of course. And we wove the two of you from our disgitisdi. Only the good dreams, mind, the very best threads for my Jo and Faye.”

“But if you loved him, why didn’t grandfather stay here in the Cove?” Faye added. She couldn’t be sure why, but it seemed important to know.

Nanny cupped Faye’s small face with warm weathered hands. “Loving don’t keep a person, sugar.”

This had troubled Faye, though she put the matter out of her head after. It wasn’t until many years later, in a time not so long ago, that she learned the truth of Nanny’s words for herself.

to be continued…

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Teaser: Blackbriar Cove

  1. Congrats on the 600 milestone! If it can make its way to Canada, I’d love to enter!
    I would say I owe my love of reading with the Babysitter’s Club Books in third grade. I loved seeing the different handwriting from each of the girls. I learned what diabetes type-1 was from Stacy and what an autobiography was from Abbie.

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    1. Emmaline, of course! And since you’re the only one who actually answered my question 😉 you win the prize! I also LOVED the babysitters club. It was what sparked my wanting to make a club with my best friends, lol. Please share your info with me in my Connect page and I’ll send you your signed paperback of Silver Hollow this next week!

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