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I’ve been hard at work on Scarred Beauty, the second of the Wylder Tales trilogy and am very excited to share with y’all. Writing this book has been a new challenge and fun journey for me. I’ve been learning a lot about the “beat” of the story, as well as the things that make each character tick. While it all makes perfect sense to me now in the thick of things, I’m sure pulling away again will offer fresh perspective.

Stephen King talks about drafting in his Memoir On Writing. He basically says no one should look at your first draft. I have cheated in that regard every time. Usually one person at the very least will read my initial draft, just so I have another pair of eyes on it. He also says you should have like three or four drafts. I may not have four separate drafts of Scarred Beauty, but I guarantee by the time we’re through with this process, the final product won’t look anything like the initial skeleton. At least, I hope it won’t!

This summer has been kicking my butt so far life-wise, so it’s been tougher to devote my free time to writing. I am trying, however. And trying not to let social media suck on my life too much. No easy feat when it’s all a “click away.” Today I sat down for a writing session without going online and the amount of work that got done was so much better.

So to all of you authors out there (and truly, there seem to be vast endless numbers lately) if you are working on your manuscript, stay true to it. Stay true to you and your real life concerns too. Because if you aren’t “screwed on right” in real life, your work will be a mess.

Tamn-Final.editedIn other news, I am working on the Heaven’s Edge Novellas again! It’s been a couple of years, but I’m finally picking up where Ohre left off to give you Tamn’s perspective. Finally found my notes and feeling the inspiration!

Stay tuned Tuesday for a teaser for Scarred Beauty! And if you would like a free book, check out the previous post, International Author’s Day for details. Happy Reading!

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