Tuesday Teaser: Bound Beauty

Time for another #teasertuesday, Bound Beauty edition! I haven’t quite met my 30K goal just yet, but that’s my aim before we close out September. Which means I have to—you know—write. 😉 I’ve done fairly well so far keeping up a routine, but every once in a while I get the urge to dive off a deep end and do nothing but read. While part of me despairs, I’ve learned enough about my process to know it just means I need a mental break sometimes. And it’s okay to take mental breaks, long as they don’t last you a month. Why? Because if you fall out of the habit, it’s so much harder to hop back on, especially with an impeding deadline. Best practice? Write every day, even if you hate what you’ve written. But also, don’t beat yourself up if you need a recharge. We all function and perform differently. Figure out your “tells” and keep yourself in check. And let’s make words into magic.

*spoilers for scarred beauty below*

Bound Beauty

Wylder Tales #3 Teaser


“Won’t you open your eyes?” the voice crooned.

Vynasha stiffened as familiar sensations washed over her, the sound of dripping water on cobblestone, the scent of her beast. She opened her eyes in fear and released a breath of relief to meet a pair of emerald rather than silver.

“Baalor?” Her voice was scratchy from sleep, strained from more nightmares, no doubt.

Concern creased a faint line between his brow, but then his fingers brushed her curls from her face and he smiled. “I have missed your face, witch.”

Vynasha bit her lower lip and didn’t mind the prick of sharp teeth, not when his were sharper. “Wish I could say the same, brute.” She reached to touch his beard and took in his haggard look. “You just got back.”

Baalor’s smile widened, though it couldn’t disguise his fatigue. Or the darkness lingering in his eyes. “Do you always sleep by the fire when I am away?”

Vynasha shrugged and pushed up on her elbow. “When I’m home.”

Home. The word was wondrous and strange to her still. For all her weariness of Ilya’s meddling ways, Vynasha wouldn’t trade her or Thea for all the majik in the world.

She didn’t even realize her error until Baalor growled low. “You have been hunting with Wolfsbane.”

Vynasha released a breath between her teeth. “He wouldn’t hunt with your pack, remember. Wouldn’t you rather I watch him than let him wander your lands unfettered?”

A flash of luminous green effused his eyes with a supernatural glow. The illusion, hint of his curse always appeared when emotion got the better of the pack master. “I would rather keep you safe and put him in the earth with all the innocents he butchered.”

Vynasha sighed. “How many times will we argue about this?”

Baalor cocked an amused eyebrow and his hand came to rest at her hip. “Until you admit I am right. I don’t trust that human.”

She rolled her eyes. “Oh, really? I hadn’t noticed.”

Baalor’s grip tightened. “Watch your tone, witch. I mean it.”

“Or what? I’m stronger than you now. You couldn’t best me in a fair fight.”

“Care to find out?” Baalor tickled her side.

Vynasha gasped and couldn’t help the squeal that escaped her lips.

“Shh!” He covered her mouth with one hand. Baalor’s eyes crinkled at the corners and his chest heaving with repressed laughter. “You trying to wake the whole village?”

Vynasha blinked tears. She couldn’t remember the last time she had laughed this hard. Baalor allowed her to peel his hand away. “I suppose I’ve missed arguing with you, after all,” she whispered with a sigh.

The darkness in Baalor’s eyes lightened. “I ran ahead of the pack. I—” he ducked his head, “—could not wait any longer.”

Her smile faded, but the warmth in her chest bloomed, even as her blood thrummed with traitor over and over.

to be continued…

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