Tuesday Teaser: Bound Beauty

Time for another #teasertuesday, Bound Beauty edition! I’ve been reading lots of excellent folktale/fairy tale lately, to help boost my inspiration for Bound. My favorite so far has been Kate Danley’s The Woodcutter. If you haven’t read this yet, do yourself a favor and pick it up asap! Or add it to your Goodreads. I dare you to see the cover art and read the premise and not be tempted to fall in love with it. 😉

*spoilers for scarred beauty below*

Bound Beauty

Wylder Tales #3 Teaser


To say breakfast was an awkward affair could hardly be an understatement. Between Baalor’s open teasing and Ilya’s knowing smirk, Vynasha could hardly speak. Distant and hazy dreamlike memories lingered, of her parents sharing smiles and touching hands. Yet open affection was not a public affair in Whistleande Valley. And after the fire, Vynasha only felt comfortable with her nephew, Wyll. Unlike these bold Wolvs with their sharp tongues and wicked eyes.

Baalor’s amusement at her discomfort seemed to grow upon her glare and chance to dig her claws into his thigh beneath the table.

Back off.

He slipped his arm over her shoulder in reply, arching a single silver eyebrow.

Ilya cackled and declared, “Son, you should come home more often. She is too subdued without your company.”

Vynasha gaped at the old female, and wondered what her family would have thought of the Iceveins.

Ceddrych is fond of Ilya at least.

“Is that so?” Baalor’s lips quirked into a crooked smile. “Perhaps I shall send Omalia out with the pack to patrol the territory this time. We wouldn’t want any beasties sneaking into the village again.” His tone was obviously grave. Again she saw that lightness in his emerald eyes and hated the thrill his warmth incited.

Vynasha was saved from any reply when the door flew open with a bang. Erythea darted inside, followed closely by the twins, Siam and Rian.

“Grandmother! Did you know Father has already—” she stumbled over her words, then squealed. “Father!”

She flinched as the girl threw herself into Baalor’s lap, knocking against Vynasha in the process. Baalor laughed and kissed his daughter’s cheeks, then buried his face in her platinum curls. The open love between them was both enthralling and painful to watch.

“Vynasha!” Siam crowed, practically bouncing on the balls of his feet before her.

Rian elbowed his brother. “Shut up! She’s obviously busy.”

Siam’s open enthusiasm turned to growing mortification. “Oh, right. Sorry, Vynasha.”

Rian rolled his eyes. “Siam thinks you hung the moon.”

“Shut up, Rian,” Siam growled.

“It’s alright, lads.” Vynasha stood, thankful for the excuse to greet the twins and forced her arms around the boys’ necks. Rian stiffened while Siam melted into the embrace. As she pulled back, Vynasha offered them a closed-lip smile, “I’m glad you’re home and safe again.”

“Enough of that,” Baalor grunted, pushing the boys away. Erythea hung from his neck, her legs tucked around his waist, though she was far too big. Baalor didn’t seem to notice anything but the young Wolvs touching Vynasha.

The twins jumped away, cowed and inclined their heads. Only Vynasha caught Baalor’s amused twitch of the lips.

“Come and eat, boys. You’re much too thin,” Ilya chose to interrupt. The promise of food drew the twins to the table.

to be continued…

Craving Beauty (Wylder Tales #1)

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