Tuesday Teaser: Bound Beauty

Exciting news! I’ve begun talks with my tour host, Tressa of Prism Book Tours, about Bound Beauty. Since this will be the final book in the trilogy this tour will cover all the previous installments in the series, as well as diving into the tie-ins to my Borderlands series. More info about the tour coming soon. For now, stay tuned for more #teaserstuesdays to come. I took another wee break beetween writing this book. Prepping myself for a heavy writing month from this point on. Not even gonna lie when I say the upcoming tour and dealine reminder was inspiration aplenty, lol. Thanks so much to everyone who has been following this blog, friends new and old! I write because of love, because creation is joy, but the journey would be awfully lonely without y’all at my side 🙂

*spoilers for scarred beauty below*

Bound Beauty

Wylder Tales #3 Teaser


Vynasha ran from the sounds of laughter and instruments tuned for the festivities ahead. A part of her wanted to run until she found the cove her brother, Wyll and Resha had retreated to. She wanted to grab her family and keep running until they were safe from the Wylder Mountains.

It said something of the nature of majik, that Vynasha found Grendall’s amulet so easily. She clawed at the snow until she reached a hole in the dirt and uncovered Erythea’s hiding place. The sight of Old Ced’s towsack wrenched a dry sob from her chest.

“Nothing is as it seems…” Father had said before he died. Before she killed him.

She tore a hole in the sack in her haste to retrieve the amulet and snarled at the damned amethyst in her hands. Her hands shook as she fell back into the snow at her feet and gripped the talisman. Grandmother had once called this a key and a burden. Thea saw it as a weapon. Vynasha yearned to welcome the security of the bond, longed to feel in control of her majik again. She wanted to throw it as far as the east is from the west.

“No matter how far you cast it, the key will find its way back to you,” a smooth deep voice whispered.

Vynasha stumbled to her feet as if she were still human. A tall male with ebony skin, white eyes and spiraling horns on his head greeted her. His smile was strangely human, and while she felt prickles of instinct telling her to run, something in his eyes bade her wait. Listen.

“Who are you?” she blurted, colored and shook her head. “Sorry, I—I’ve seen you before, around the village.” She bit her lip and couldn’t help but take in his finely tailored colorful clothes, like something the traveling merchants wore in Whistelande.

The male’s smile grew. “I have used many names. You may call me Vedmak, curse breaker.”

She shivered and brought the amulet closer to her chest. “Please, call me Vynasha.”

Vedmak inclined his antlered head, white eyes falling to the jewel in her hand. “It calls to you, it’s missing half. Why do you fight it so?”

Vynasha struggled to measure her breathing. She wasn’t afraid of the mirror folk. Thea was friends with some of them, wasn’t she? They had never sought to harm her.

Yet why now, as I hold the amulet, does one of them choose to speak to me?

Aloud she said, “If I wear this…” She swallowed. “I share his dreams.”

Vedmak nodded. His sigh was the wind whispering through the winter forest. “Blood majik is how she captured him as well. It is what haunts his dreams.”

Vynasha glanced at the amulet, the way it flashed the same color as her blood. She hated the pity she felt for Grendall, the wyne who had betrayed her. The beast who was truly the prince. “I should throw it away, where no one will find it.”

“And yet, it has returned to you,” Vedmak replied, closer than he had been before. She glanced up to find him only three paces nearer, so near, she marveled at the delicate carvings in his ivory horns. “None of us can fight fate, least of all you, dear sister.”


She met his enigmatic gaze and wondered at the slow smile creeping up her face. “Sister. I suppose I have more in common with your folk than anyone, don’t I?”

Vedmak inclined his head. His silent appraisal made her skin begin to crawl until he spoke again. “Our queen was one of us as well, until she turned to dark majik. She tried to change her fate with disastrous consequences. But the prince was born of both worlds, like you. Perhaps, if you both embraced all you were, together, you might restore the balance?”

Vynasha gaped. “The prince is a monster,” she said and she meant it. “He used my father to snare me into coming here. He lied to me so I would break his mother’s curse.”

Vedmak pursed his full lips. “Yes. Desperation has led men to do all manner of unspeakable acts. Still, you should remember, nothing in the borderlands is what it seems.”

Vynasha flinched at the implication, the thought Vedmak seemed to will into her mind. The truth she had long avoided, since her last sordid encounter with her beast. She couldn’t begin to think of him as anything less than her enemy. Not with the pack whispering of war, not with beasts haunting their borders, mindless in their need to reach her.

A surprisingly warm hand covered hers. Vedmak’s gaze was apologetic, though his smile had returned. “Your blood led you to this land to save more than your nephew. The gate between our realm and the realm beyond the Veil needs its guardians restored, Vynasha. And yes, you have been asked to sacrifice much. But think of the family you found, and do not despair as our queen did. Become more than what you are.”

Her breath caught in her throat, and she squeezed her eyes shut to hide her tears. When she opened her eyes, Vedmak was gone.

to be continued…

Craving Beauty (Wylder Tales #1)

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